US provider Verizon protects its customers from the rest of the world

Blacklists are actually only meant to support spam filters. But more and more they are being used against the advice of their operators to block out whole sections of the Internet by email. Now France, England, Germany and Russia have been hit – completely.

Spamcop is an abomination to me personally for a long time. Although the operator itself explicitly discouraged using the blacklist for anything other than tagging mails as possible spam so that they can be pre-filtered, admins regularly disregard this advice. Whoever sends mail from a server that has landed on Spamcop – or another blacklist – will have his mail deleted without comment or sent back with false error messages instead.

Start with beauty mistakes for the Tropical Island Resort in the marrow heath, in which the Malaysian investor Colin Au wants to lure the masses with superlatives

Expectations are high: For days now, there has been a lot to read, hear and see in the media about the "most ambitious leisure project in Europe" in the world’s largest cantilevered hall with Europe’s largest indoor swimming pool. The Sud Sea and the rainforest are to be simulated at the same time in the former CargoLifter hulle in Brandenburg. A trip to the artificial tropics in the middle of climatically cooler Central Europe will create a vacation mood just an hour away from Berlin – let’s hope the Asian donor and the Brandenburg state government. But the "VIP opening" at the construction site raised many question marks.

Brandenburg in tropical fever

All photos: Stefan Krempl. More photos from the opening of Tropical Island Resort can be found here

A French judge has made a far-reaching ruling that will speed up and support the reintroduction of borders to the Internet

Now the judge Jean-Jacques Gomez has confirmed his judgment of 22 May. May, paving the way for the redrawing of the borders of the Web: Yahoo must take all available measures to make it impossible for French Internet users to access auction sites on auction sites where Nazi items are traded. The same applies to other sites and services that try to excuse Nazism or deny Nazi crimes.

The text of the judgment has not yet been published. However, the problem is that the judge ames that if a French citizen intentionally or accidentally accesses a site that contains content that is prohibited under French law, the resulting damage occurred on French territory, which is why the French judiciary is responsible for it: "Since Yahoo has made possible in France the visualization of these objects and finally the participation of the French surfers in such a display or in such a sale, the company has consequently committed a violation of the law on French territory, whose non-volitional character is evident, but which is nevertheless the cause of damage to LICRA (Ligue contre le racisme et l’antisemitisme) and UEJF (Union des etudiants juifs de France), both of which have the right to sue in France for all forms of trivialization of the Nazis, regardless of the fact that the offending activity is minor in relation to the entire auction offer on the Yahoo website."

Aldi in the tank: already possible in austria

Salzburg (Austria), 3. July 2009 – Drivers in Germany already look enviously at neighboring Austria, at least when it comes to fuel costs. And now Austrians can save even more: Since the beginning of July 2009, the Aldi subsidiary there, Hofer, has also been selling gasoline.

No staff, no frills

When it comes to refueling, the two companies are also relying on the classic discounter concept: as few staff as possible. This is how customers fill up at vending machines: Insert your credit or debit card, enter your pin code and fill up. In the first three weeks after the fuel terminals go into operation, hostesses help with their operation – after that, no more. And it’s not just personnel who are being saved, there will also be no so-called by-products such as Motorol and antifreeze at the Alditanker.

Prices down

Hofer tests the discount fuel concept for the first time in three Salzburg stores (Airportcenter, Schallmoos and Obertrum). However, they are convinced of the success and refer to France, where there have been gas stations connected to supermarkets for 25 years. Earlier this week, it was reported that in response to the three new Hofer gas stations in the Salzburg region, prices at some gas stations have been massively reduced. For a short time, the price comparison of the Austrian transport club oAMTC showed liter prices of 51 cents. Even on today’s Friday, some can be bought for just over 70 cents, but not at Hofer, where prices start at around 85 cents.

Process automation: Camunda BPM 7.13 Documented now in Openapi

The Berlin Open Source BPM expert Camunda wants to make its eponymous process automation and management platform for developers more attractive. This is what the released release 7 looks.13, the REST APIs are now documented using the OpenAPI standard. This should make it easier for developers to integrate Camunda with residual API clients that are realized in the programming language of their choice, for example JavaScript / Node.JS, Python or C #.

In addition, the Berlin developers with the release are for the first time "lightweight" Distribution of the (Process) Orcheant Engine available. the "Camunda BPM Run"-Distribution is provided in containerized environments such as docker and Kubernetes and can call on the rest API. Dedicated Java or Application server skills are therefore no longer required.

For the further innovations of the 7.13-releases pays the support of the standard notation DMN 1.3 (Decision Model and Notation) with Feel 1.2 (Friendly Enough Expression Language), with the help of which more complex decision-making expression should be implemented.

Politicians of the CDU / CSU Group in the Bundestag penetrate according to a newspaper report to take advantage of a car tooth on German straws for the purpose of budgetary refurbishment. "Whether you call you a car toll, electronic car vignette or strain use creation, is such a thing: I can definitely imagine something very well", explained the supreme budgetary politician of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Norbert Barle, who Rheinische Post.

"The motorists are rightly argued that they are asked almost everywhere in European foreign countries, while the threads in Germany are free of charge for all", Quotes the daily newspaper Barthle appearing in Dusseldorf. Vignette or toll were able to become part of the consolidation package for the budget, the Union and FDP currently prepared under high prere.

In the development of the Union faction, the budgetary politicians were drawn with this proposal open trees, it is called in the report. In early debates, a car vignette for the price of 100 euros per year had been in conversation, which has spooled about 3 billion euros in the cash registers. Also in the CSU-wanted traffic ministry there are sympathies for a car toll.

Mtm cantronic ensures more ps and electronic lowering

Baystents, 4. January 2008 – Chiptuning normally is called: original engine control apparatus, reprogramming and reinstating. Motor Technik-Mayer goes a different way at the M-Cantronic: an additional device is installed, which can be removed easily and backlessly again. With the M-CANTRONIC, the engine specialists of competitors tickle more power and torque from the diesel engines of the VW Group.

Speed-dependent control

Instead of raising the sprite prere on the entire speed range and to damage the engine, if necessary, take into account MTM the speed. The cantronic attacks the speed signal from the CAN bus. Depending on the speed, fuel and boost prere are optimized. The function of a particulate filter is not affected, so MTM. The M-CANTRONIC is offered including TUV partial reporting and examination on electromagnetic contractuality.

Audi A5 and VW Tiguan

The M-Cantronic is installed, among other things, in Audi A5 3.0 TDI. This increases the power of 240 to 292 hp, the maximum torque is raised from 500 to 580 Newton meters. The conversion costs 1450 euros. Who wants, can complete the tuning through a four-pipe exhaust system. Due to the lower exhaust back prere, a further increase in performance is achieved to 300 hp. In the normally 140 hp VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI is obtained with the M-Cantronic 180 hp; The torque rises from 320 to 360 Newton meters. The price for the reusing is 999 euros. For still a little more power, a new exhaust system with two double end tubes ensures. Still in preparation is a mandated turbocharger and a specially tailored exhaust system. Thus, in conjunction with the cantronic even 210 hp possible.

Ready for Marslandung: NASA-Rover Perseverance prior to arrival

The USA has on 30. July 2020 Your mission Mars 2020 sent to the trip and seven months later is the arrival. Seven months in which the room probe traveled over 450 million kilometers. On Thursday, the 18. February, at 21.30 o’clock (CET), the landing should begin. On board is located next to a new Mars-Rover for the first time a mini helicopter.

A few days earlier, probes of the United Arab Emirates and the People’s Republic of China have already reached Marsoorit. The Chinese space farmers CNSA also plans a landing. But this will be done in May. Actually, the European and Russian Exomars mission should also break the Red Planet in the summer 2020. However, the Corona pandemic could not be carried out with loving tests. The next time window for a start opens 2022.

Ready for Marslandung: NASA-Rover Perseverance prior to arrival

Artistic representation of the entrance capsule

Detroit motor show: lincoln mkz concept

Detroit (Michigan / USA), 13. January 2012 – The Ford subsidiary Lincoln shows on the Detroit Motor Show 2012 (still up to 22. January 2012) with the MKZ a noble-made limousine on Ford-Mondeo base. The MKZ is still declared as a study, but the production model was allowed to have rough similarities with the concept car. The platform for the clake offers Ford Fusion, as the Mondeo in the US market is called.

The Ford designers have set to a clear and parorkllosis line carrying in the design of the MKZ. A strongly contoured edge on Turgriffhohe extends from the front spoiler to the rear of the Lincoln and let him look a bullyfish. In the bonnet of the sedan, a fold is insulated in the middle. The most distinctive feature of the MKZ is the typical double-flyer Kuhlerbill, which already carried the Lincoln Zephyr from 1938 on the nose. From the narrow A-soule, a panoramic glass roof is stretched to the rear, where the LED jerk lights extend over the entire vehicle width.

Inside like dear: good

The comfortable and functional interior should appeal mainly to young, sophisticated customers. The stages of the automatic transmission are loaded at the study over keys. In the center console, a 10 inch gross touchscreen is integrated, which can also be operated by voice control. Elegant wood, matt aluminum and champagne-colored leather seats make the car to the small strain yacht. Under the hood of the MKZ, Ecoboost engines from Ford are used. Hybrid variants are also conceivable. As with the Group Brother Mondeo, the drives are optionally transferred to the front or all four wheels. In the course of 2012, the Lincoln MKZ should roll to US handlers. The opportunities for a European variant, however, seem low.

Economical sports car: vw golf gt with dsg

Berlin, 07. May 2007 – The small pointer dances in its munzgroben round instrument. A kick on the gas. In a flash, it accelerates from left to right and shows us the prere build-up in the twin-turbocharged Golf GT. This boostmeter seems completely useless, but is really fun to drive.

Technically innovative

Since the Golf RGTI with its announced 300 hp is still in the stars and is a black study in California, the R32 with 250 hp and the GTI Edition 30 with 230 hp currently mark the top of the model range. The GT is the third in the group. It is far behind with its 170 hp, but the sensational thing is the displacement from which these 170 hp gallop out: 1.4 liters. The R32 needs almost 3.2 liters for its 250 hp, while the GTI can draw on just under two liters for its 230 hp (Edition 30) or 200 hp. The performance per liter – R32: 78 hp per liter, GTI: 116 hp per liter (Edition 30) or 101 hp per liter, GT: a crisp 122 hp per liter. The efficiency curve therefore rises rapidly with each model step downwards. A compressor and a turbocharger are responsible for it.

A Golf from the outside

The GT hides well in Golf garb. Only minimal clues give it away for fans, insiders and those who like to read short stories on cars. Because the "GT" lettering is wedged between the ribs of the front grille. Three rough openings for breathing are placed under it. Underneath the car, wide 17-inchers ensure contact with the road. At the rear, a twin tailpipe blows out the battered combustion preres. Otherwise everything on the Golf is Golf. Nevertheless, the youngsters in the McDonald’s parking lot immediately spot the GT badge.