No mails from city administrations: too much spam at gmx and

Vaccinate dates, the current situation of schools, dates at the Burgeramt and much more is currently communicated by mission by mail. Now the city administration Mulheim had found at the Ruhr and Bremen that their news to all people with accounts at GMX and Web.Do not go out. Mulheim speaks of about 860 mails, the festances.

"The security systems of Web.DE and GMX Register since yesterday an increased spam advent", explains a 11-speaker on demand from our site. In such traps, automatic locks should handle users and users. Incoming mail from unknown sender IP addresses were rejected, the delivery in the systems prevents until accurate examination. "These automated locks may also affect senders who would like regular e-mails in coarse quantities."

Assistance for those affected

11 also refer to the fact that system administrators and newsletter providers can contact the respective postmaster of e-mail services, there are contact forms and the possibility to achieve the e-mail security team. With the city administrations Mulheim on the Ruhr and Bremen you are already in contact.

Brabus places according to: mercedes c 63 amg with 530 hp

Bottrop, 5. September 2008 – that should understand what’s going on, which goes in the kopper of the tuner. Since Mercedes with the C 63 AMG sets a 457-horsepower bullet on her legs and what the gentlemen of Brabus do? The packing again 73 hp.

73 hp More for 8.420 euros

The power kit B63 S developed specifically for the C 63 AMG consists of stow-prere-lower high-performance metal catalysts, sports air filters and a newly programmed engine electronics with special maps for rounding and injection. In addition to the power syringe to 530 hp, the 6.2 liter coarse V8 gets a torque increase from 600 to 650 Newton meters. The price for the increase in performance amounts 8.420 euros.

Four tenths faster than the series

To convert the AMG sedan, the Brabus Vmax-Unit, which is relevant in two variants for 300 or 315 km / h. The power enhancement also benefits the sprint enhanced. The Sprint at Tempo 100 is tapping from 4.5 to 4.1 seconds, until 200 km / h pass 13.1 instead of original 14.5 seconds.

Samsung wants to offer OLED TVs and also produce themselves

Samsung Prasident Han Jong-Hee has recently agreed to use OLED panels with colorful quantum dots, so-called QD-Oleds, in the in-house televisions. Almost a year he represented the point of view, the technique is incompatible with Samsung’s current strategy. This saw the following:

  • LCDs with LED backlight for the lower end
  • LCDS with quantum items in the backlight for the middle segment
  • QD-understood mini LED LCDs for the upper segment
  • Mikroled TV for the "One-percentage".

To bring Samsung Electronics to the program’s in-house QD OLED panels – which has not yet done any other TV brand – Samsung Displays showed the schedule for the retention of its remaining LCD factories from Marz to the end of this year. Apparently it was Prasident Han, who had first made this compromise.

Samsung wants to offer OLED TVs and also produce themselves

to "Advanced TVs" DSCC pays the OLED TVs, LCD TVs with Quantal Points Film (QDEF), QD OLEDs, Dual Cell LCD TVs, Mikroled TVs and MiniLed TVs and 8K TVs.

Auto Patent War: Nokia and Daimler buried the warbill

Nokia and the Daimler Group have enabled their years of patent dispute and agreed on a license agreement. So that Nokia maintains a license for patented mobile technology to the automobile manufacturer and "Preservation in return for payments", How it is in a very narrow message from Tuesday. Daimler also reduces his antitrust complaint submitted to the EU Commission. All procedures to court should now be terminated. Further details do not call companies.

Nokia had sued Daimler from various dishes due to patent infringement and forcing the car maker to acquire a license for the contentious mobile patients. It is about mobile technology for 4G / LTE networks built in most vehicles of the Daimler Group. Because the technique in question belongs to a recognized industry standard (4G), Nokia had to have a license to fair and transparent conditions for each individual (SOG. "Franch"-Principle). The German law allows the patentee but also to choose his license partners.

Frand before the ECJ

With the settlement of the judicial disputes, the proceedings before the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The district court Dusseldorf had injected the European judges in a procedure to clear funds. A central arbitration is whether Nokia Daimler can force under the Frand regime to acquire a license if component manufacturers are awarded themselves. Daimler has also argued in his complaint to the EU Commission that Nokia disapproves his patent power if it wasted the automaker into a license agreement, while suppliers such as Huawei or Continental no license received.

Napster offers the music industry a billion dollars

A billion dollars is apparently the proof that the new medium Internet also follows the old laws of economy and judiciary. In any case, the Internet exchange platform Napster, together with its solvent partner Bertelsmann, is offering the rest of the music industry a billion dollars to prevent legal arbitration. Napster enables its users to find and exchange music files free of charge. Since most of the material is protected by copyright, four record companies sued in the U.S. – and got right in two instances (yellow-red card for Napster). A court order is currently being revised, but it is clear that Napster will have to stop the exchange of copyrighted material.

The now published offer is aimed at a supra-judicial settlement. If music publishers accept the offer, they will no longer have a cause of action, as they will no longer suffer any material damage. Napster is offering the four major music publishers EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner 150 million dollars a year for the next five years. The exact distribution will depend on the amount of material actually exchanged on Napster. Another 50 million dollars in license fees are to be paid annually to smaller companies, again distributed according to the quantity of their works exchanged on Napster.

With the acquisition of Photoshop CS4, the user must swallow Adobe’s dignified product activation, which now completely invisible invisible. In the same since June 2008 Adobe products – including Acrobat 9 – accounts for both the telephone activation alternative and the call for the activation of the software. Instead, it connects self-captive with the activation server, which do not feel a few users as an unacceptable grene failure or even spy on. Adobe assets, do not provide personal information about the IP address. In addition, you can operate the software on computers that are not connected to the Internet without activation. Deactivation is still possible – if the user is still aware of this requirement?. Details we could not test with the beta version available to us.

Rotating view

Polished: Photoshop CS4

The workflat of Photoshop can be turned arbitrarily.

The draftsman and painters among the image editors can be pleased on the free movable drawing surface ("Rotate View") of CS4: The working surface can now be used to turn back and fore during brushing. Advantage: As with the work on paper you can always drove the brushstrokes as best manifest it. Thanks to improved screen anti-aliasing, pictures are now displayed correctly in each degenerate level. These new display functions are followed by Photoshop Adobes video editing products in the Reich of OpenGL acceleration: Photoshop CS4 leads the calculation of the naturally changing view and the anti-aliasing exclusively on the graphics processor.

Resuscitation: Sega shows VR-Remake of'panzer dragoon saga''panzer dragoon saga'

On the VR showcase became a first trailer "Tank Dragoon Voyage Record" shown. The VR remake of three "Panzer Dragoon"-Play is currently at the Studio Wildman in work. The VR collection was announced in Marz.

Part of the collection are "Panzer Dragoon", "Tank Dragoon two" and "Tank Dragoon Saga". Just "Tank Dragoon Saga" is interesting because it is one of the most expensive collector’s pictures of the video game story. The Japanese roleplay came on the market in 1998 for Segas Saturn. Well-preserved used copies achieve prices between 500 and 1000 euros on the secondary market.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Trailer (E3 2020) (Source: Wildman)

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

Tool manufacturer IFIXIT has decomposed Microsoft’s game console Xbox Series X and revealed the offal. The Teardown realizes that the Xbox Series X thanks to the use of standard screws without adhesive quite easy to disassemble. In the floor sits a 130 mm gross axial jerse, which prints fresh air through the cooling complex in the housing. The diameter is quite unaffected; Special supplier Delta sells the model at least not yet – alternatives were allowed to go to the market.

In the middle is a sandwich of two motherboards, multi-part cooler and power supply. A coarse aluminum body absorbs the Aberme of the AMD Combined Processor and GDDR6 memory over a vapor chamber; A metal frame hold the voltage converters at temperatures. The latter serves simultaneously for stabilization and shielding electromagnetic radiation, such as IFIXIT in the Teardown of the Xbox Series X exports.

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

Kuhler-Sandwich The Xbox Series X: The aluminum body left leaves the abarm of the combined processor.

NABU calls for better species protection on the beginning of the Tesla factory

The nature conservation collar (NABU) Brandenburg calls for the protection of animals and plants in view of the planned further clearing of forest for the factory of US electric autobauer Tesla. "We are concerned that species protection is guaranteed", said the NABU state chairman Friedhelm Schmitz-Jersch of the DPA. Necessary "Good and adequate compensation measures" For the procedure. The NABU Landeschef ames that Tesla will fall early in the autumn further tree on the bands in Grunheide near Berlin, because then the breeding season is over.

Tesla wants to start production of electric cars in July 2021. The production of 500 is planned.000 vehicles in the year. The complete environmental approval for the construction by the state of Brandenburg is off, Tesla previously prepares the construction at its own risk. 92 hectares of forest were dropped on the 300-hectare countries.

The clearing of further 63 hectares is already in planning. In the first expansion phase of the Tesla Gigafactory, 39 hectares are to be scanned as a result of an updated application for approval. Tesla has not yet called a timeline for further clearance.

Workshop: in the competition for the new customer-centered sales department

Sales is often organized to old rules. New ideas and customer-centered forms of sales have little space in narrow structures with strict targets. For example, many companies are always harder to adapt to the ever new challenges of the market. Heise Event liked her arms here with the workshop "Sales performance 4.0" at 19. October 2020 in the Heise publishing building in Hanover (course in compliance with hygiene regulations). Up to 25. September, for the day workshop limited to 12 participants, the early book discount of 10 percent.

Together with Armin Hing, expert for customer-centered B2B sales, develop the workshop participants who bring the sales impact of market change with themselves and what it takes to sell 4.0 to be rusted. The participants get a survey as well as guidelines and checklists discussed in order to convert the contents of the seminar directly into practice.

The workshop is aimed at sales managers, marketing director and self-standing, who want to align customer-centric and agile sales. You can see your own organization on agility, meeting case studies for even stronger customer centering and a new corporate culture for more customer-centered sales. On top of that methods for sustainable change processes in sales will address.