No mails from city administrations: too much spam at gmx and

Vaccinate dates, the current situation of schools, dates at the Burgeramt and much more is currently communicated by mission by mail. Now the city administration Mulheim had found at the Ruhr and Bremen that their news to all people with accounts at GMX and Web.Do not go out. Mulheim speaks of about 860 mails, the festances.

"The security systems of Web.DE and GMX Register since yesterday an increased spam advent", explains a 11-speaker on demand from our site. In such traps, automatic locks should handle users and users. Incoming mail from unknown sender IP addresses were rejected, the delivery in the systems prevents until accurate examination. "These automated locks may also affect senders who would like regular e-mails in coarse quantities."

Assistance for those affected

11 also refer to the fact that system administrators and newsletter providers can contact the respective postmaster of e-mail services, there are contact forms and the possibility to achieve the e-mail security team. With the city administrations Mulheim on the Ruhr and Bremen you are already in contact.

30 years ago, the former US prasident has the report "Global 2000" commissioned, where it was already warned against climate heat

Imagine a reborn Christian becomes prasident of the USA. "No heavy task", say. But now it gets harder, because this prasident puts solar modules on the roof of the woman’s house. "Nothing easier than that!"Call all left in the US – and typically tap Jimmy Carter. And you?

But the Americans say only half the truth, because both Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush have solar systems installed in the woman’s house. In the case of Carter it was solar collectors for hot water. Carter made himself on the 18th. April 1977 Friends and enemies equailed with his request in his first television to the nation, his Mithasters liked to wear sweaters and shut down the heating. Since then, every reputation is associated with economy in the US with a waiver of comfort. Carter is often seen as unsuccessful prasident (whether this is true, it is drawn), thus giving rise to threshold as a sign of weakness in the US. The Americans do not want to do without – they want to show a technical solution, progress, strong!

Accountant agreement on the climate conference

Flood with Worms 2013. Image: Jivee Blue / CC BY-SA-3.0

The Energy and Climate Week Show: From open tasks according to the climate conference, identified special write-downs and pregnant precipitation patterns

As already reported, after the climate conference in Katowice, the gross question mark remains, as the international community wants to restrict the global emphasis on the agreed 1.5 degrees (ambitious goal). The United Nations General Secretary for Climate Protection, Patricia Espinosa spoke of an excellent success of the conference.

If you want to be among the best in today’s economy, you have to hold your own in Baghdad

Factors like "Wilderness", "danger" and "risk" have long ceased to be the dark, misappropriated downside of the dream of globalization. The supposedly deterrent factors are the special kick: They are the resistance against which only the best and the strongest prevail in the economy, i.e., in a certain sense, the yardstick for performance in the discipline called economics.

It may be a coincidence, but some of the most hardcore proponents of this business attitude come from England. "Control Risk Group" is, for example, a security consulting company that has for some time published a yearbook called "RiskMap" which provides companies with an overview of future trends in global corporate risk.