Brabus places according to: mercedes c 63 amg with 530 hp

Bottrop, 5. September 2008 – that should understand what’s going on, which goes in the kopper of the tuner. Since Mercedes with the C 63 AMG sets a 457-horsepower bullet on her legs and what the gentlemen of Brabus do? The packing again 73 hp.

73 hp More for 8.420 euros

The power kit B63 S developed specifically for the C 63 AMG consists of stow-prere-lower high-performance metal catalysts, sports air filters and a newly programmed engine electronics with special maps for rounding and injection. In addition to the power syringe to 530 hp, the 6.2 liter coarse V8 gets a torque increase from 600 to 650 Newton meters. The price for the increase in performance amounts 8.420 euros.

Four tenths faster than the series

To convert the AMG sedan, the Brabus Vmax-Unit, which is relevant in two variants for 300 or 315 km / h. The power enhancement also benefits the sprint enhanced. The Sprint at Tempo 100 is tapping from 4.5 to 4.1 seconds, until 200 km / h pass 13.1 instead of original 14.5 seconds.

Resuscitation: Sega shows VR-Remake of'panzer dragoon saga''panzer dragoon saga'

On the VR showcase became a first trailer "Tank Dragoon Voyage Record" shown. The VR remake of three "Panzer Dragoon"-Play is currently at the Studio Wildman in work. The VR collection was announced in Marz.

Part of the collection are "Panzer Dragoon", "Tank Dragoon two" and "Tank Dragoon Saga". Just "Tank Dragoon Saga" is interesting because it is one of the most expensive collector’s pictures of the video game story. The Japanese roleplay came on the market in 1998 for Segas Saturn. Well-preserved used copies achieve prices between 500 and 1000 euros on the secondary market.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Trailer (E3 2020) (Source: Wildman)

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

Tool manufacturer IFIXIT has decomposed Microsoft’s game console Xbox Series X and revealed the offal. The Teardown realizes that the Xbox Series X thanks to the use of standard screws without adhesive quite easy to disassemble. In the floor sits a 130 mm gross axial jerse, which prints fresh air through the cooling complex in the housing. The diameter is quite unaffected; Special supplier Delta sells the model at least not yet – alternatives were allowed to go to the market.

In the middle is a sandwich of two motherboards, multi-part cooler and power supply. A coarse aluminum body absorbs the Aberme of the AMD Combined Processor and GDDR6 memory over a vapor chamber; A metal frame hold the voltage converters at temperatures. The latter serves simultaneously for stabilization and shielding electromagnetic radiation, such as IFIXIT in the Teardown of the Xbox Series X exports.

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

Kuhler-Sandwich The Xbox Series X: The aluminum body left leaves the abarm of the combined processor.

Workshop: in the competition for the new customer-centered sales department

Sales is often organized to old rules. New ideas and customer-centered forms of sales have little space in narrow structures with strict targets. For example, many companies are always harder to adapt to the ever new challenges of the market. Heise Event liked her arms here with the workshop "Sales performance 4.0" at 19. October 2020 in the Heise publishing building in Hanover (course in compliance with hygiene regulations). Up to 25. September, for the day workshop limited to 12 participants, the early book discount of 10 percent.

Together with Armin Hing, expert for customer-centered B2B sales, develop the workshop participants who bring the sales impact of market change with themselves and what it takes to sell 4.0 to be rusted. The participants get a survey as well as guidelines and checklists discussed in order to convert the contents of the seminar directly into practice.

The workshop is aimed at sales managers, marketing director and self-standing, who want to align customer-centric and agile sales. You can see your own organization on agility, meeting case studies for even stronger customer centering and a new corporate culture for more customer-centered sales. On top of that methods for sustainable change processes in sales will address.

4X4 for the toyota hilux single cab

Koln, 11. March 2011 – Toyota expands the model range in the pickup segment: From now on, the Hilux Single Cab is also available with all-wheel drive. In addition, the Japanese have raised the trailer load to 2500 kilograms for all 4×4 versions of the pickup.

More powerful diesel for the 4×4

The Hilux Single Cab 4×4 is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel with 144 hp, the rear-wheel drive Hilux has to make do with 120 hp. The maximum torque of 343 Nm is between 1600 and 2800 U. The average consumption compared to the Hilux with rear-wheel drive with 8.2 l. In the all-wheel drive version, the driver can manually choose between two- or four-wheel drive. Optionally, he can also activate a differential lock on the rear axle.

Toyota increases the trailer load

In the course of the model revision Toyota has raised the towing capacity for all 4×4 versions of the Hilux from 2250 to 2500 kilograms. A further increase to 2800 kilograms is possible. The maximum payload of the Single Cab in the 4×4 version is reduced from 1070 kilograms to 795 kilograms. The prices for the Hilux remain unchanged. For the Single Cab with rear-wheel drive it goes from 20.587 euros, the all-wheeler is available from 24.276 euros to have.

Dtm optics restored: mercedes clk from inden design

Haiger, 13. November 2008 – DTM look at the Mercedes CLK – that’s time, or? Right: In 2004, Mercedes launched a strictly limited DTM Special Series based on the AMG CLK Coupe in 2004. In 2006 followed a very similar conversion for the four-seater CLK Cabrio. The aggressive, strongly widened look of these special series has apparently also inspired Inden-Design: The tuner now offers a CLK body kit, which has a bouquet similarity with the salvation – and last sold-out – AMG edition models.


Anyone who orders the full program gets from Inden a new front-rotten, severely widened fecal airflow including wide-torn airlines as well as a diffuser insert and a carbon aircraft FURS Heck. Under the highly exhibited feces, the Hesse 19-inch alloy wheels with mixing tires: Sitting at the front 255er pneus on ten inches wide rims, the rim width applies twelve inches, and 305-rubber rollers transfer the power of the motor to the strain. In addition to a sporty appearance, a thread hailing and stabilized stabilizers with on board.

Naturally breathmet

Unlike the AMG model, no compressor V8 sits under the Hood of the Inden-Mercedes, but a power-enhanced version of the now exposed 5.0-liter V8. By software update, the tuner brings the engine from 306 to 330 hp. The engine hub is disposed of its exhaust gases through a stainless steel exhaust system with two fat tailpipes. The price for the complete conversion – including a 22-piece interior carbon package – amounts 38.000 EURO.

African free trade agreement cfta concluded

Graphic: CFTA. Editing: TP

The new bloc aims to reduce tariffs and trade barriers and give the black continent more weight in negotiations with the rest of the world

In the Rwandan capital of Kigali on Wednesday, representatives of 44 of Africa’s 54 to 56 countries signed an agreement to establish the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), which had been under negotiation for two years. Moussa Faki Mahamat, the Chadian commission president of the African Union (AU), hopes that the relevant bodies and politicians of the signatory states will complete the ratification process within the next six months so that the agreement can enter into force as planned.

A2: number of accidents to fall

Several German states are sounding the alarm to improve traffic safety on the busy A2 highway from the Ruhr region through Westphalia and Lower Saxony toward Berlin. Lower Saxony launched a round table a year ago to reduce the number of accidents, Saxony-Anhalt followed suit in March, and the police in Westphalia are also trying to reduce the number of pile-ups, often involving trucks. Ausloser are besides the many traffic mostly road works, too little distance and inattention.

Based purely on accident figures, the round table initiated by Lower Saxony’s Transport Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) with representatives of the police, traffic watchdogs, the transport industry and the German Automobile Club (ADAC) has not yet had any resounding success. In the Lower Saxony section of the east-west axis, the number of accidents rose to 3516 in 2016 after 3447 in the previous year; in 2014 there were 3040 accidents, in 2011 there were 2807. The number of people seriously injured rose to 81 in 2016 after 73 in the previous year. 17 people died, 2 more than the year before. In the process, Lies had ordered speed 60 for trucks in rough construction sites, as well as extensive checks on the safety distance.

"To be honest, nothing has changed on the A2: We have traffic jams, we have accidents," says Christine Rettig, spokeswoman for the ADAC in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. "The problem is, we have too much traffic, too many trucks."Accidents occur especially at construction sites, where there is no sign of improved traffic management. The behavior of drivers must also change: "Awareness can only change through high control prere, a few posters are not enough."The motifs, which also warn in Polish and Russian against too little distance, are quite something: they show a completely crushed driver’s cabin.

The BA has "hardly any part in successful job search", reports the Institute for Educational and Social Policy

One of the main tasks of the Federal Employment Agency is, of course, the "placement in apprenticeships and jobs". But as the Institute for Education and Social Policy (ibus) at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences reports in the "O-Ton labor market" reports, success in this task is rather modest. O-Ton-Arbeitsmarkt sees itself as an "alternative to official labor market reporting".

Based on the evaluation of statistics of the Federal Agency on the "successful employment" (March 2015), the Institute comes to the surprising conclusion that the vast majority of unemployed people have found a new job on their own and without help: "In 74 percent of the cases, the job is found on their own." There seems to be a discrepancy between asking for and getting help.

14 Lower Saxony cities today called for the reintroduction of their old license plates. The 14 cities in favor of reintroducing the old license plates include Alfeld (Leine), Bad Gandersheim, Braunlage, Bremervorde, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Duderstadt, Einbeck, Hann. Munden, Neustadt am Rubenberge, Norden, Otterndorf, Rinteln, Soltau and Syke. Many license plates were abolished during the 1977 territorial reform. If local authorities have their way, drivers should be able to choose between the current and old license plates, said Jurgen Tiemann of the Lower Saxony City Council. Representatives of the cities concerned in Hanover emphasized that having its own license plate is a cost-effective and supra-regionally effective instrument for city marketing. In addition, many citizens felt that their old license plates were part of their local identity.

The municipalities’ demand is backed up by a study conducted by Heilbronn University, according to which 76.4 percent of people in Lower Saxony are in favor of reinstating the abolished license plates. "This is the roughest agreement we could find in a western German state", said research manager Ralf Borchert. Nationwide, the number of supporters averages 73 percent. In the East Frisian town of Norden, as many as 96 percent of the residents surveyed were in favor of allowing the old license plates to be used again. Therefore, there must be the possibility to freely choose between the current license plate number "AUR", which stands for the district of Aurich, and the old license plate "NOR" to vote, said Norden’s Burgermeister Barbara Schlag. "The citizens want it that way and it does not take much effort to fulfill this wish. We can prove burger friendliness in a relatively simple way here."

In fact, it is currently becoming apparent that the Federal Ministry of Transport will in principle allow the states to reintroduce the old license plates, said Jurgen Tiemann. A legal regulation is to be introduced in the Bundesrat (upper house of parliament) in the spring of 2012. The state of Lower Saxony also supports the local authorities’ project. The prerequisite, however, is the prior approval of the districts, which in some cases has already been given. One incentive is that the registration offices can expect to receive up to 90 euros each time a vehicle is re-registered. "This will be a deal for the counties", said Burgermeisterin Schlag. But another aspect was also mentioned at the meeting in Hanover: "We will have a lot more fun again on the autobahn guessing", said Hans-Gunther Scharf from the city of Alfeld.