According to CNN sources, the preliminary final report of the Dutch Safety Board contains clear indications that the crash was caused by a BUK missile

According to the American television channel CNN, the preliminary catch of the investigation report led by the Dutch Safety Board on the cause of the crash of MH17 contains clear indications that a BUK missile was responsible for it.

CNN relies on statements from two anonymous sources who have knowledge of the report, which is several hundred pages long. According to the report, a minute-by-minute chronicle of flight MH17 and a reconstruction of the launch site indicate that the missile was fired from a site that was under the control of the People’s Militia in eastern Ukraine at the time of the crash.

With "Full Spectrum Warrior" against psychic war damage

The list of symptoms is long: increased irritability, frequent urination, diarrhea, depression, tingling in the extremities, sudden reactions to loud noises, insomnia, weight loss, hair loss and nasty flashbacks. The name for the disease has changed over the course of the wars; currently, the preferred name for it in the U.S. in general is "Combat Stress", in particularly severe cases "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder "PTSD". One in six soldiers deployed to Iraq suffers from several of these symptoms, according to recent studies. A new therapy via virtual reality, based on a computer game, is now helping the traumatized.

Drinking and drugs are the most common self-therapy remedies for the elusive, hard-to-cure psychological war damage suffered by even the toughest, according to many reports on PTSD. The only difference is that it often takes the toughest people the longest to realize their disorder and even longer to talk about it. Those who are confronted with therapeutic helpers of one of the so-called "combat stress units", that the U.S. Army has sent to Iraq, often fears that the others in the unit will call him a wimp "wimp" see. The experiences the soldiers have in Iraq are gruesome, just as creepy are the late recognized warning signs that a mental disturbance can no longer be denied:

Browser Cache: Google Chrome Ladies more content new

By changing the caching of the web content, users of Google’s Chrome Browser surf a bit slower, but also a whole corner safer. In the developer blog, Google explained that there was a fundamental change in the caching-scaling of Chrome: instead of loading contents time saving from the browser cache, they are now reloaded in some situations, although they are already cached.

This improves security and privacy, it is called by Google. The problem of the previous procedure is that websites can find out if a certain content of another site was crowned by the browser. This delivers jerk lens on the surfing behavior of the visitor. Is about the file logo.GIF from the Server in the cache of the browser, then the visitor was high probably on this site on this site.

The attacker can carry out this simple test on a whole battery domain and find out as much over his visitor. The combination of the ticked resources creates an individual fingerprint, with which the user is even traceable over a longest period and via website boundaries. A found eating for the tracking industry.

Stolen Facebook logins: Google favors several Trojan apps out

Google has nine Android applications from the Play Store, which sounds like scientists on a Trojan Facebook login. According to the security professionals from DR. Web had been charged the nine applications together over 5.8 million times on smartphones.

The most famous applications were the Security report according to a photo editing tool called Pip Photo. Like the other eight apps, which Google has removed from the Play Store, the app actually worked as advertised. The stitch was to annoy users and users with advertising to make them a tempting offer: Who logs in with his Facebook account, could turn off the advertising in the app. In addition, the apps promised to unlock additional functions by login.

The applications called the real login menu from Facebook via WebView, but cut the login information and password entered there over Javascript. This data was then sent to the servers of cybercriminals. Dr. Web was able to identify in the nine apps a total of five variants of the malware that all preceded. Loudly. Web had theoretically, the apps could the login data of any service can steal, so they were not limited to Facebook.

Exit in mercedes c 43 amg coupe

Munchen, 30. August 2016 – In the three German, self-proclaimed premium brands, the activities of the competition are observed very well. This does not only affect models on how to read the example of the BMW X6 and the following opposition, but also marketing ideas. For some time, at all of the attempt has been fashionable to drop something of the glitter of the in-house tuners on those models, which are slightly stronger than the most powerful "normal" models. Mercedes goes one step further and markets two C classes as AMG offshoot. The weaker version of it was available for a reederunde.

"The C43 is the entry into the AMG world," says it from Affalterbach. With his 367 hp he remains unquestionably clear below the top model, but surpasses his direct opponent of BMW. Between 440i and M4, there is currently a luck, although the smaller than that between the Mercedes AMG models. With the machine from the BMW M2 hour actually a suitable drive for the 4er ready, but in Munchchen you probably will make the M4 with unnecessary competition.

Theoretically close to each other

At Mercedes, such thoughts are obviously no topic. The motor base comes from the C 400, where it provides 333 hp. Both have four-wheel drive and the same gear, only the axis is translated in the AMG model with 3.07 shorts than in the C 400 (2.82). However, the supposedly sporty offshoot is at least 60 kilograms heavier. The differences in the factories are then exactly as small as the difference in performance, translation and curb weight already suspect. The C 400 accelerates in 4.9 seconds from the stand to Tempo 100, in the AMG it is minimal 4.7. The highest speed is limited to both to 250 km / h, without limitation was probably a bit more. In the NEFZ Mercedes promises 7.6 liters in the C 400, it should be 7.8 liters in the C 43.

Software- Graalvm with Spring Native, Spring Boat and Spring Cloud

Spring Native should provide the possibility to compile jump-boot applications without coarse effort with the Graalvm in native code. This promises faster startup times – which is important for environments like Kubernetes. Eberhard Wolff has changed his iStio-Microservices example and wants to be in software architecture.TV give a look into the workshop: How did he go? What is to be observed? The example and a short guidance are available online.

The broadcast will take place this time on Thursday at 12 o’clock live, the result is ready afterwards as recording. During the live stream, questions can be asked via Twitch or YouTube chat, by Twitter to @ewolff or anonymous with the form on the VideoCast website.

Software architecture.TV is a video cap by Eberhard Wolff, Blogger and Podcaster heise developer and well-known software architect in services of the IT consulting company Innoq. Since June 2020, over 50 episodes have been created, the different areas of the software architecture illuminate – sometimes with gastles, times Wolff solo. Binded since autumn 2020 heise developer the over the youtube streamed new episodes each in the online channel, so viewers from the heise media can follow the video cap.

Snapchat: Users to take smaller loss

Data of the photo app Snapchat show with the progressive Corona vaccination campaign in the US a gradual return to normal everyday life. "We see that people go out more and meet friends, or to return to work and learn", said the land and boss Evan Mirror for the presentation of current quarter numbers on Thursday. In the US with 330 million inhabitants, around 200 million corona vaccinations were administered in the first three months of the term of Prasident Joe Biden. Snapchat now hopes to accelerate the high growth from the pandemic time.

Because with a high activity in everyday life, the app will be used more. Snapchat in Marz again recorded new friends and news exchange between users. Currently, the 280 million day users open the app on average 30 times a day – and every time is an opportunity for advertisers to present you advertising.

At the same time, the Snapchat makers believe that Corona habits like online shopping will play a big role as previously after the end of the pandemic. They sat in the crisis massively on augmented reality (AR) to introduce digital objects into the real environment. This did not only result in SPAB applications, but also business models such as the possibility, fashion or cosmetics such as make-up virtual try.

Prere product - displacement is to be replaced

Hannover, 16. July 2008 – The maxim "displacement is not to replace by nothing, beyond even more displacement" could last decades and was not even wrong. As long as gasoline motors had to suck the finished air-fuel mixture of their own strength, displacement was a crucial rule groove to increase torque. Even today, especially in the US vehicles with "Big Blocks" are traveling, which seems to shake their power out of the Armel, but also deep into the tank. But their time seems to expire: The new motto is called "Prere can be replaced by nothing" and is based on a skilful combination of turbocharging, direct injection and variable valve control.

Turbocharger on withdrawal
The turbocharger has an amazing character change behind: Legendar is, despite his quirks of the Saab 99/900 Turbo, who likes to approve 15 liters and not only demanded a gentle gasfub – little in lower speeds came, then suddenly the turbo sat down. What a contrast to the smallest TSI engine of VW, who likes to be used as a sample copy for downsizing – also because he was sold as the first of its kind in coarse stucco numbers. At TSI with 90 kW (122 hp), the turbo is surprisingly standing for low consumption and high torque at low speeds.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the turbocharger was above all a praiseworthy means to replace a coarse-volumed engine. But that was bought with more consumption: the mixture formation, whether with carburetor or injection, was at the time in the intake manifold before the finished gasoline air mixture was requested in the cylinder. The disadvantage: Due to the high prere due to the turbocharger, a smaller compression was necessary to prevent knocking. In the example Saab 99 stood 9.5: 1 with a suction motor a value of 7.2: 1 in the turbomotor opposite – the modern TSI is compressed despite turbo with 10: 1.

Embracer buys Borderlands-Studio Gearbox for up to 1.3 billion US dollars

The Swedish game company Embracer Group continues its developer portfolio. With Gearbox Entertainment is now a further named studio to Embracer. Treatment was able to cost a total of up to $ 1.3 billion (just under 1.1 billion euros). 363 million of them are supervised directly, the rest is appealed to performance targets.

Through the consideration, according to the Gearbox, no changes to the structure of the developer studio are expected. Gearbox will therefore work as a separate business area under the driving of Randy Pitchford within the Embracer Group. According to own information, Gearbox has a total of 550 employees in Frisco and Quebec City.

Trailer to Borderlands 3 (Source: Gearbox)

European premiere for mazdas hydrogen wankel

Oslo (Norway), 15. May 2009 – Already last fall, Mazda had told the Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen Re in Norway a practical test. The goal is not only the testing of the vehicle itself, but also the infrastructure for hydrogen supply. Now the first European version of the Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen Re in Oslo was presented.

Wankel hydrogen mazda with new look

The RX 8 Hydrogen Re introduced in the Norwegian capital has been tested in Japan since 2006. After Europe now comes a left-left version in the robe of the facelift model. The frontpiece was slightly changed, new LED lamps on the stern and a modified rear strainer. The Scandinavian Wankel Mazda also gets a manual Funfgang gearbox. From the summer of 2009, Mazda wants to provide 30 more vehicles as part of a leasing program 30. In Japan, the leasing rate for a RX-8 Hydrogen RE 400 supplies.000 yen a month, converted about 3000 euros.

The advantages of the Wankel engine

In the trunk of the RX-8 Hydrogen Re, the hydrogen tanks are housed. You will be stored in them 110 liters of hydrogen with a prere of 350 bar. In addition, there is a 61 liter of fierce fueled fuel tank. Under the hood, the well-known 13B Renesis Wankel operates, which emits 210 hp in gasoline operation, with hydrogen only 109 hp. According to Mazda, the circle engine is ideal for use with hydrogen. Thus, the foregoing of the four-stroke process in spatially separate combustion chambers, inlet, combustion and outlet cycle are constantly changing. Therefore, at comparatively low temperatures, the hydrogen is in the inlet chamber and only occurs at the last moment before the actual round of the high temperatures of the combustion chamber. In addition, the compared to the lifting piston engine Langere operation according to Mazda allows better mixture formation of air and hydrogen. Due to the additionally possible gasoline operation, the range is required, since the number of hydrogen petrol stations is still low. With hydrogen, the RX-8 pilots come 100 kilometers far, additional 549 kilometers easier to get the frosted fuel.