The story of the memes that don’t like each other

Every war or political conflict follows a trivial basic pattern: The evil in the world must be fought. The evil is always the other, and because he is evil, he must be fought. He is evil because he wants to destroy us. The other wants to destroy us, because we think he is evil and therefore we could destroy him and harm him. From the dialectical point of view, there are always two parties that have the same structural opinion about the other one. Politically, this condition also arises from the tendency to always blame someone else for one’s own misery, in order not to have to bear the responsibility for it oneself. In order to communicate this plausibly, a clever argumentation or, in other words, a fixed ideology is needed.

Collective disputes arise at the borders of different convictions. This is not new, but so far no one has been able to prevent it in the long term. Today, it is the border between Islam and the Western world that produces conflicts. Europe experienced a certain basic conflict for a long time because of the division of Christianity into the Protestant and the Catholic side. Starting with the 30-year war to current conflicts in Northern Ireland. In every conflict there are two parties: communists and capitalists, capitalists and working class, Shiites and Sunnis, Serbs and Croats, football fans from one team and football fans from the other team, Greeks and Turks or Kolners and Dusseldorfers.

Temporary special offers: kia relies on the '7'

Frankfurt / Main, 24. January 2011 – Kia now lures its customers with new special offers under the motto "Most of 7 ever". To the end of Marz 2011 participating handlers reimburse every new car builders the car tax for the first seven years. For some models, financing models are offered with monthly rates from 77 euros. Alternatively, offers without installments in the first seven months are obvious.

No taxes for seven years

At the action "Drive 7 years tax-free" is the refund depending on model and motorization. For a Venga 1.4 CVVT is currently up to 574 euros, for a CEE’D 1.6 CRDI is 1064 euros and for a Sorento 2.2 CRDI AWD automatic at 2499 euros. When financing a new car, the Kia Motors Finance offers for smaller models such as the Picanto, the Rio and the Venga with monthly rates from 77 euros.

First rate after seven months

For other models such as soul, cee’d, pro_cee’d, carens, sports and sorento is the action "7 months advised" available. Here the first installment will be fally after seven months. The cling of the digit "7" In the offers is no coincidence: Since January 2010, the brand for all vehicles has a manufacturer’s warranty of seven years or 150.000 kilometers mileage.

It started with a plan A: If you’re ever in America, it’s best to hang on for two days and ride an American cruiser, preferably this new Indian with the ingenious Thunderstroke engine. Such machines are best understood in the areas where they were invented by people in the first place, which never happens in Europe with an Indian Chieftain. But plan A is at least in my life never the one that is executed.

Because as we were waiting in the parking lot of the Eaglerider branch until the colleague was checked out, a Mustang turned into the parking lot. "That’s sure to drive scheibe," the 911 driver present said immediately, and thus Plan B was a done deal: instead of the American cruiser Indian Chieftain, drive the American cruiser Ford Mustang. Because I think that with a 911 Turbo you are setting a completely wrong frame of reference. The 911 Turbo costs an unmistakable six-figure sum new. Its customers like to reward themselves with it after long years of hard but profitable work and are then happy about how well the car works. The 911 is much too arte with it. The Mustang is RTL – something for the width.

In the USA, a new Mustang with a V8 traditionally starts at around $30,000.000 dollars; the V6 in the 2015 model starts at 23 600.600 dollars. In Germany, the new turbo four-cylinder will cost around 34,000 euros from summer 2015.000 euros, and the V8 variant will cost around 39.000. So the direct comparison is not so much the 911 as, say: a BMW 2 Series Coupe or a schon 3 Series.

Really good promotional claims are rare. One of my All Time Favorites is Sony’s "This is for the players": A claim that clears the target group so that he applies the product with it. Ktms "Ready to Race" By contrast, I have always been too spongy. You can (the will) everything racen, which moves, for example buroes. The new 790 Duke is naturally again in the brochure. But it could also "For the riders" Stand on, because the new Roadster was designed so consistently on the driver in the cost prere that it could damage the sales figures at the end.

who? What?

KTMS Motorrader cost since I know something more. That barely fell when even her single cylinders were only sold in the premium area: a Duke 3 already cost 9,000 euros in 2008 – a lot of money for an idiosyncratic single cylinder. But it fell up when the Duke 4 of the mass market was piled up. To achieve your price targets (after all, to 7500 euros you came down), a few Rabiate Cuts had to be made. At the same time, the chassis was too soft in silence and trampy-hard during response, and the brake on the consciously gently elected series of series of series has been heading on some racetracks.

Now KTM again had the task of saving money, so that the 790 Duke, which is to operate between single cylinders and superduke the Roadster segment, also sold. But this time you have stated it so that you can be satisfied in the saddle. In front of the screen, however, it looks a bit difficult: Maxxis tour sports tires, brakes from J.Juan (I could do well: "Noname" Writing because the manufacturer hardly knows anyone), non-adjustable chassis. Hm. "Is this serious?", The fans who had to be armed from crunchy prototypes.

Italy cuts opera subsidies by 40 percent

"It ain’t over till the fat lady sings" is an American proverb that comes from the fact that there are so many decidedly well-fed sangers in this genre. But those who are well cared for can tighten their belts more easily than those who are only skin and bones.

In Frank Capra’s classic film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Gary Cooper, as Longfellow Deeds, unexpectedly inherits a million-dollar fortune. Shortly after receiving the inheritance, the board of the opera elects him president in succession to his deceased uncle. When Cooper, a simple man of the people, unexpectedly wants to hear the business figures of the institution, he discovers that it is running a large deficit, which he is supposed to make up. According to the other members of the board, this is quite normal and must be so. Deeds, however, does not want to accept this as normal and tells them that they either ran the opera as a profitable business or had to stay that way.