20 Years of vr6: how vw shrank the six-cylinder

Wolfsburg, 29. August 2011 – A six-cylinder engine in the Golf: a nice idea, but the two more cylinders mean significantly more space is needed under the hood – and that in a modern front-wheel-drive car, where it is already tight in the engine compartment. In order to still be able to offer customers a six-cylinder engine that runs comfortably and full of character, VW came up with the VR design. The compact engine was to be used in the Golf, Vento, Corrado, Passat and T4 models, and 25 years ago it was ready for the first time.

VR concept from Lancia

An in-line engine would have been too long for transverse installation, a V-engine with a 60 or 90 degree cylinder angle too wide. The VR engine was therefore chosen as a kind of middle way. This type of engine with a small cylinder angle, in which the first letter stands for the V-configuration and the R for the in-line configuration, was developed by Lancia in 1915. After the first use in V12 aircraft engines, a V8 with a 45-degree cylinder angle and a V12 with a 30-degree cylinder angle followed in 1918 – both for use in cars. One of the first series-produced vehicles with VR engines was the Lancia Lambda of 1922, whose four-cylinder engine had a cylinder angle of 13 to 14 degrees.

Debut of the Golf III

VW has now taken up the old concept again for its six-cylinder engine. The cylinder banks are arranged with three pots at an angle of 15 degrees to each other. This allowed the cylinders in the engine block to be arranged closer together than in an in-line engine without becoming too wide. In 1991, the VR6 engine was presented – among others in the Golf III, which is now also celebrating its 20th anniversary. Technically continuously developed up to the four-valve version, the VR design lived on under the shortened designation V6 and in a shortened design also as V5 in the subsequent Passat and Golf generations. The VR6 reached its final stage of development in the Passat R36, which generated an impressive 300 hp from a displacement of 3.6 liters.

Munchen, 11. June 2015 – Oko and reasonable everyone. Bold is, who is in this country Mustang ride. For the first time, Ford will officially bring its sports car icon to Germany. At a price that looks the established competition old look. The US Muscle Car starts at 35.000 Euro – but then there are four cylinders.

There are not many cars where you only have to call the type designation and every woman what it’s all about. 911er, E-Type, Continental or Corvette for example. Or just Mustang, those uramerican car icon, born 1964. A so-called pony car, compact and musculos, a teenager rebel, who rebelled against the spying and lame the parent generation striving chairs. At that time, customers have camped in front of the showrooms of the handlers, only to be at the very beginning. 22.000 Pre-orders should have given it.

In the style of the Roaring Sixties

From such a record demand you dream in the corporate headquarters in Dearborn / Michigan today. But the new Mustang, meanwhile the sixth generation, comes well with his fans. He has been available on the US market for September, starting in Germany at the end of June. An important purchase reason is the design. Especially the view of the rear reminds unmertainly "Roaring Sixties", as the ur-mustang as so-called fastback still bodied black strokes on the asphalt. Best to see in the legendary movie "Bullet" with Steve McQueen. More Mustang, more macho, more muscles did not.

Schulze: strict consumption targets for new cars

German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze calls for strict CO2 limits for cars and vans starting 2022. "The transport sector is the problem child," the SPD politician said today (25. June 2018) at an EU ministerial meeting in Luxembourg. "We have to do what is technically possible now."

Although one wants to preserve the car industry in Germany and Europe. "But we also have to achieve our climate protection goals," Schulze added. It pays on the innovative strength of the industry. "We have to make progress here."

The subject of the Council of EU countries was a proposal by the EU Commission to further print the consumption (measured in carbon dioxide emissions) of new cars. By 2025, they are expected to emit an average of 15 percent less carbon dioxide than in 2021, and 30 percent less by 2030. However, a decision on the position of the EU countries was not yet expected.

Hub's cars: Car Design Awards for Hyundai, Ferrari and Porsche

Hyundai for his concept car Prophecy, Ferrari for his serial car Roma and Porsche for the design language of its entire model range are the price brags of this-year car design awards. Of the "Oscar" The car designer was set in 1984 by Italian Autodesign magazine car design in the world. This time, the award ceremony in Turin was virtually held because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the categories of concept cars came behind the Hyndai designers that of the EXP 100 GT from Bentley and the Seat designers for the Cupra Tavascan on the places. The Porsche Toycan and Land Rovers Defender came behind Ferrari on the places two and three, as well as the designers of Peugeot and Mazda behind the Porsche designers.

The jury consisted of journalists of various international automagazines. Jury chairman Silvia BARUFFALDI, editor of auto design, sees positive award ceremony for the first time online. By "Connections in the whole world" spotted.

With the acquisition of Photoshop CS4, the user must swallow Adobe’s dignified product activation, which now completely invisible invisible. In the same since June 2008 Adobe products – including Acrobat 9 – accounts for both the telephone activation alternative and the call for the activation of the software. Instead, it connects self-captive with the activation server, which do not feel a few users as an unacceptable grene failure or even spy on. Adobe assets, do not provide personal information about the IP address. In addition, you can operate the software on computers that are not connected to the Internet without activation. Deactivation is still possible – if the user is still aware of this requirement?. Details we could not test with the beta version available to us.

Rotating view

Polished: Photoshop CS4

The workflat of Photoshop can be turned arbitrarily.

The draftsman and painters among the image editors can be pleased on the free movable drawing surface ("Rotate View") of CS4: The working surface can now be used to turn back and fore during brushing. Advantage: As with the work on paper you can always drove the brushstrokes as best manifest it. Thanks to improved screen anti-aliasing, pictures are now displayed correctly in each degenerate level. These new display functions are followed by Photoshop Adobes video editing products in the Reich of OpenGL acceleration: Photoshop CS4 leads the calculation of the naturally changing view and the anti-aliasing exclusively on the graphics processor.

NABU calls for better species protection on the beginning of the Tesla factory

The nature conservation collar (NABU) Brandenburg calls for the protection of animals and plants in view of the planned further clearing of forest for the factory of US electric autobauer Tesla. "We are concerned that species protection is guaranteed", said the NABU state chairman Friedhelm Schmitz-Jersch of the DPA. Necessary "Good and adequate compensation measures" For the procedure. The NABU Landeschef ames that Tesla will fall early in the autumn further tree on the bands in Grunheide near Berlin, because then the breeding season is over.

Tesla wants to start production of electric cars in July 2021. The production of 500 is planned.000 vehicles in the year. The complete environmental approval for the construction by the state of Brandenburg is off, Tesla previously prepares the construction at its own risk. 92 hectares of forest were dropped on the 300-hectare countries.

The clearing of further 63 hectares is already in planning. In the first expansion phase of the Tesla Gigafactory, 39 hectares are to be scanned as a result of an updated application for approval. Tesla has not yet called a timeline for further clearance.

Shortly informed: cycling, Tesla, Sunrise UPC, #Fictionalimpact

Opportunities for more bicycle traffic

The bicycle lobby and the municipalities see rough opportunities for a traffic policy turnaround in favor of cycling. Ruckenwind hope for the federal government, who had set up a national cycling plan last week. He contains recommendations for action and strategies to demand cycling in the country and in the city by 2030 and the Federal Republic until the end of the decade "Bicycle country" expand. The plan sees more cycle connections until the end of the 2020s, more return on load prevention and a removal of bicycle parking straps. In addition, the paths for breaders and cars should be planned with suitably separately. The federal government wants to invest about 1.46 billion euros in cycling by 2023.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 27.04.2021: Cycling, Tesla, Sunrise UPC, #Fictionalimpact

No timetable for approval from Tesla plant

The time of decision on the approval of the factory of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grunheide near Berlin is still open – and thus the exact start of production. "It then rolls the first car from the tape when the final approval is present and the work is built", Declared Brandenburg’s Economic Minister Jorg Steinbach. "When the approval procedure will be completed, no concrete date can be named here and today – because here is clearly the principle of quality priority." So far, Tesla builds on its own risk – over several premature permits.

Germans bought fewer new cars in 2013 than in the previous year. The number of new cars fell for the second time in a row, slipping just below the three million mark. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg reported 2.95 million new registrations – a drop of 4.2 percent. However, the December figures, also published on Friday, show an upward trend. This also applies to production and export. "We are entering the new year with confidence," said the President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Matthias Wissmann, in Berlin.

Among German car brands, there was only one winner in the domestic market last year: Porsche, with a 1.4 percent increase to 20.800 sports and off-road vehicles sold. Despite a decline of 4.6 percent, VW is the market leader with a 21.8 percent share and 642.200 passenger cars sold still market leader. Competitors BMW and Audi performed somewhat worse in percentage terms. BMW brought 231.800 cars to customers, a decrease of 5.8 percent. Audi sold 252.000 new cars, 5.5 percent fewer than in 2012. Mercedes, Germany’s number two, lost 1.4 percent compared to the previous year and ended up with 277.400 new registrations. Opel’s sales fell by 2.9 percent to 207,500 units.500 units.

The carmakers’ domestic business was comparatively good in December. The number of new registrations rose by 5.4 percent year-on-year to 215,320.320. The German brands even increased by 9 percent. Domestic production and exports also picked up significantly in December. Domestic incoming orders were 14 percent above the level of the same month last year, Wissmann said. According to VDA figures, production for 2013 as a whole grew by one percent to 5.45 million passenger cars. Exports improved by two percent to 4.20 million cars.

Saab to get rid of gm after bankruptcy filing

Trollhattan (Sweden), 20. February 2009 – What has been apparent for a long time is now official: Saab Automobile AB is insolvent. The Swedes want to use the bankruptcy proceedings to break away from the US parent company GM, which is itself threatened by insolvency, and to make a new start as an independent car manufacturer. Not affected by the insolvency proceedings is, by the way, the Swedish avionics and rd group Saab AB with headquarters in Stockholm.

Spin-off of the passenger car division in 1995

Both joint-stock companies, which bear the name Saab and use confusingly similar corporate logos, have common roots in the 1937-founded "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget" (SAAB), which began building passenger cars in 1947, and which is now known as the Swedish Aircraft Company (SAAB).

In 1990, the passenger car division was spun off from the group and the now insolvent Saab Automobile AB was created. This company was initially owned in equal parts by truck manufacturer Saab-Scania and General Motors (GM). In 2000, the U.S. car giant took over all the shares in the car company. But for most of the time, the noble Swedish brand remained a loss-maker for GM; in 2008, sales shrank by a quarter to around 93,000 Saab cars.000 Saab cars.

Audi a5 cabriolet: first driving impressions

Monte Carlo, 2. March 2009 – For Audi’s chief designer Walter de Silva, the 2007 Audi coupe with the newly introduced name A5 was simply the most beautiful of all his designs. Now the two-seater is getting ready to conquer the hearts of auto-asthetes, also in an open version. We already had the opportunity to test drive the newcomer in Monaco, which is up to 15 degrees Celsius.

15 seconds to the place in the sun

It only takes 15 seconds for the chic car with a coupe swing in the roof line to become a convertible. It can also be opened from a few meters away from the car with the optional convenience key. We can also put on or take off our hats during the journey up to about 50 km / h. That takes away the fear of rain showers in moving traffic where "pull over to the right for a moment" is impossible. At the same time, lowering the top while driving is a spectacle for passers-by.

Classic fabric hood

Audi uses a classic fabric hood to cover the A5. A retractable steel roof is still taboo for the people of Ingolstadt. The three-layer roof creates a cozy feeling in the interior. Whoever exposes 295 euros, gets a so-called acoustic cover that was mounted on our test car: the car is closed during the ride inside as soft as a coupe. This variant also has a led inside sealing in the rear area. However, the light was allowed to be only small reader units: the two seats in the narrow fund are suitable for adults only in an emergency and only for short routes.