Transition to arm: Apple was able to revive Rosetta

If Apple is actually his today "ARM SWITCH" Enchanged, ie the transition from Intel to own A processors at the Mac, the question arises what happens with ages that are previously optimized only for the X86 technology. Apparently, the Group has a solution in parat: a novel compatibility layer. At least, a trademark application suggests that the Group has broken down in Japan.

Cross Platform in the Global Communication Network

There was 30 at the deadline. April the protection of the term "Apple Rosetta" applied for how the newspaper Asahi Shimbun discovered. According to these information, this is a one "Computer program", which runs in a global communication network and also functions for the "translation" contains. Explicitly mentions the term "Cross Platform", So platform.

Rosetta also bolted Apple’s technology to use PowerPC applications on Intel machines with MacOS. This has been since Macos 10.4 Alias Tiger used from 2005. At that time, Apple had implemented the Intel Switch. 2011 was Rosetta with Macos 10.7 Alias Lion buried – until this time, most important programs for Intel had been adapted.

Apple receives permission to test self-driving cars on public roads in the U.S. state of California. The approval made public by the traffic authority is the clearest indication yet of Apple’s ambitions in the embattled future market for autonomous driving. Apple is the 30. Company ied such a license in the most populous U.S. state.

Rivals such as Waymo, but also major players in the automotive industry such as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Ford, General Motors or Tesla have long had permission for such tests in California. Uber recently joined the fray after the ride-hailing company initially wanted to test its self-driving cars without such a permit, but the transit agency didn’t play along.

Although Apple’s involvement in self-driving cars has long been considered an open secret, it has never been publicly confirmed by the company itself. The clearest hint so far was a letter to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to get involved in self-driving car guidelines. Apart from that, it only said that mobility is an interesting future market.

Jailbreak App Store Against Apple's App Store: Cydia sued iPhone manufacturers

The App Store Forced on iPhones has made Apple a new monopoly lawsuit. Jay Freeman, the developer of the alternative app shop Cydia, was pulled against the iPhone Group in court: Apple has achieved an illegal monopoly on the software distribution for iPhones and iPads through anti-Iphones and iPad’s software distributors – this is just as important for the prescribed use of Apple Payment interface for in-app buy, as the action submitted on Thursday at the US District Court in the US state of California.

Apple prevents competition in the iOS app sales

The aim of the legal action is to open the market for iOS software sales for further app shops and to allow the use of alternative payment interfaces – to ensure fair competition, Freeman leads to the application.

Apple Coupling the App Store through a pre-installation to any iPhone and predict it as a standard method for the purchase of programs. At the same time, technical locks will prevent competitors from running like Cydia on the device. Contractual specifications prohibit users and developers use alternative app shops. Developers are also contractually tied to use Apple’s payment interface, so that there is no competition in this area by other payment service providers CONNE.