The cabinet approves a bill that would designate Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as "safe countries of origin" classifies

Merkel’s cabinet today approved a draft law from the Interior Ministry, led by de Maizière, that would classify Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina as "safe countries of origin" classifies. According to information from Die Welt, the draft law is to be extended to Albania and Montenegro according to the Union’s ideas. The SPD had signaled that it would be possible to negotiate – in exchange for improvements to the double passport.

With the law, asylum seekers from these countries have significantly fewer opportunities. For some, the only option is to go to court.

According to CNN sources, the preliminary final report of the Dutch Safety Board contains clear indications that the crash was caused by a BUK missile

According to the American television channel CNN, the preliminary catch of the investigation report led by the Dutch Safety Board on the cause of the crash of MH17 contains clear indications that a BUK missile was responsible for it.

CNN relies on statements from two anonymous sources who have knowledge of the report, which is several hundred pages long. According to the report, a minute-by-minute chronicle of flight MH17 and a reconstruction of the launch site indicate that the missile was fired from a site that was under the control of the People’s Militia in eastern Ukraine at the time of the crash.

With "Full Spectrum Warrior" against psychic war damage

The list of symptoms is long: increased irritability, frequent urination, diarrhea, depression, tingling in the extremities, sudden reactions to loud noises, insomnia, weight loss, hair loss and nasty flashbacks. The name for the disease has changed over the course of the wars; currently, the preferred name for it in the U.S. in general is "Combat Stress", in particularly severe cases "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder "PTSD". One in six soldiers deployed to Iraq suffers from several of these symptoms, according to recent studies. A new therapy via virtual reality, based on a computer game, is now helping the traumatized.

Drinking and drugs are the most common self-therapy remedies for the elusive, hard-to-cure psychological war damage suffered by even the toughest, according to many reports on PTSD. The only difference is that it often takes the toughest people the longest to realize their disorder and even longer to talk about it. Those who are confronted with therapeutic helpers of one of the so-called "combat stress units", that the U.S. Army has sent to Iraq, often fears that the others in the unit will call him a wimp "wimp" see. The experiences the soldiers have in Iraq are gruesome, just as creepy are the late recognized warning signs that a mental disturbance can no longer be denied:

EU experts: nuclear power not more harmful than other power generation

Nuclear power pity of human health and the environment no more than other power generation technology. Experts from the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the EU Commission. You are currently working on an answer to the question of whether the EU should mark atomic energy as a sustainable investment. A report to be published in the coming week is, among other things, the news portal EurActiv according to own information in advance.

Although there are no long-term experiences because the usual technology is currently being tested at the moment, but the storage of nuclear waste in deep geological formations, the JRC as a suitable and secure means to isolate them from biosphare over a very long time. Landers like France, Sweden and Finland be "In an advanced stage of implementation of their geological depths". The JRC expects it to be put into operation in the current decade.

Although nuclear doubles could not be excluded one hundred percent, but they are events with extremely low probability, it is called according to EurActiv in the report. In it, the inflation of Three Mile Island of 1979 in the US, 1986 in Chernobyl and 2011 are mentioned in Fukushima. At the three locations there are three different types of reactor types and all three meadows different cause of accident causes and allerges. Over the past 15 years, only nuclear power plants of the third generation were put into operation worldwide. This way among all power generation techniques the lowest death rate.

Browser Cache: Google Chrome Ladies more content new

By changing the caching of the web content, users of Google’s Chrome Browser surf a bit slower, but also a whole corner safer. In the developer blog, Google explained that there was a fundamental change in the caching-scaling of Chrome: instead of loading contents time saving from the browser cache, they are now reloaded in some situations, although they are already cached.

This improves security and privacy, it is called by Google. The problem of the previous procedure is that websites can find out if a certain content of another site was crowned by the browser. This delivers jerk lens on the surfing behavior of the visitor. Is about the file logo.GIF from the Server in the cache of the browser, then the visitor was high probably on this site on this site.

The attacker can carry out this simple test on a whole battery domain and find out as much over his visitor. The combination of the ticked resources creates an individual fingerprint, with which the user is even traceable over a longest period and via website boundaries. A found eating for the tracking industry.

Stolen Facebook logins: Google favors several Trojan apps out

Google has nine Android applications from the Play Store, which sounds like scientists on a Trojan Facebook login. According to the security professionals from DR. Web had been charged the nine applications together over 5.8 million times on smartphones.

The most famous applications were the Security report according to a photo editing tool called Pip Photo. Like the other eight apps, which Google has removed from the Play Store, the app actually worked as advertised. The stitch was to annoy users and users with advertising to make them a tempting offer: Who logs in with his Facebook account, could turn off the advertising in the app. In addition, the apps promised to unlock additional functions by login.

The applications called the real login menu from Facebook via WebView, but cut the login information and password entered there over Javascript. This data was then sent to the servers of cybercriminals. Dr. Web was able to identify in the nine apps a total of five variants of the malware that all preceded. Loudly. Web had theoretically, the apps could the login data of any service can steal, so they were not limited to Facebook.

Transition to arm: Apple was able to revive Rosetta

If Apple is actually his today "ARM SWITCH" Enchanged, ie the transition from Intel to own A processors at the Mac, the question arises what happens with ages that are previously optimized only for the X86 technology. Apparently, the Group has a solution in parat: a novel compatibility layer. At least, a trademark application suggests that the Group has broken down in Japan.

Cross Platform in the Global Communication Network

There was 30 at the deadline. April the protection of the term "Apple Rosetta" applied for how the newspaper Asahi Shimbun discovered. According to these information, this is a one "Computer program", which runs in a global communication network and also functions for the "translation" contains. Explicitly mentions the term "Cross Platform", So platform.

Rosetta also bolted Apple’s technology to use PowerPC applications on Intel machines with MacOS. This has been since Macos 10.4 Alias Tiger used from 2005. At that time, Apple had implemented the Intel Switch. 2011 was Rosetta with Macos 10.7 Alias Lion buried – until this time, most important programs for Intel had been adapted.

Adac tunnel test 2009: praise for german tubes

Munich, 21. April 2009 – It’s not just Easter holidaymakers who are annoyed: Since January, the three old tubes of the Elbe Tunnel, which were opened to traffic in 1975, have been repaired one after the other. For the duration of the renovation, only the fourth tube, which was opened in 2002, and two old tunnels will be passable; traffic jams are inevitable. In 2003, the German Automobile Club (ADAC) had rated the Elbe Tunnel as good in a safety check "good" but the refurbishment was overdue. Although this year’s series of tests, which are carried out at different locations each year, does not include the eye of a needle on the A7, the current test focused on inner-city tunnels in Germany "very good", once "good", are the results published today. Particularly pleasing: together with the test results abroad, the 2009 results are the best since the study was launched ten years ago.

Only one "sufficient"

Eight other pipes received similarly positive ratings. The only exception with "sufficient" is the Swiss tunnel Vue-des-Alpes. This time, ADAC and its partners examined a total of 13 tunnels in four countries as part of EuroTAP (European Tunnel Assessment Programme). Twelve automobile clubs have joined forces in this European program for greater tunnel safety.

Warnow Tunnel: State-of-the-art safety technology

From a German perspective, the focus this year was on city tunnels: the Brudermuhl Tunnel on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich, the Schlossberg Tunnel in Heidelberg, the Tegel Airport Tunnel on the Berlin city highway, and the Warnow Tunnel in Rostock were all assessed. The latter received top marks because it offers state-of-the-art safety technology. There is ventilation, traffic lights and barriers in front of the portals, video surveillance, well-marked escape routes and an automatic fire alarm system.

20 Years of vr6: how vw shrank the six-cylinder

Wolfsburg, 29. August 2011 – A six-cylinder engine in the Golf: a nice idea, but the two more cylinders mean significantly more space is needed under the hood – and that in a modern front-wheel-drive car, where it is already tight in the engine compartment. In order to still be able to offer customers a six-cylinder engine that runs comfortably and full of character, VW came up with the VR design. The compact engine was to be used in the Golf, Vento, Corrado, Passat and T4 models, and 25 years ago it was ready for the first time.

VR concept from Lancia

An in-line engine would have been too long for transverse installation, a V-engine with a 60 or 90 degree cylinder angle too wide. The VR engine was therefore chosen as a kind of middle way. This type of engine with a small cylinder angle, in which the first letter stands for the V-configuration and the R for the in-line configuration, was developed by Lancia in 1915. After the first use in V12 aircraft engines, a V8 with a 45-degree cylinder angle and a V12 with a 30-degree cylinder angle followed in 1918 – both for use in cars. One of the first series-produced vehicles with VR engines was the Lancia Lambda of 1922, whose four-cylinder engine had a cylinder angle of 13 to 14 degrees.

Debut of the Golf III

VW has now taken up the old concept again for its six-cylinder engine. The cylinder banks are arranged with three pots at an angle of 15 degrees to each other. This allowed the cylinders in the engine block to be arranged closer together than in an in-line engine without becoming too wide. In 1991, the VR6 engine was presented – among others in the Golf III, which is now also celebrating its 20th anniversary. Technically continuously developed up to the four-valve version, the VR design lived on under the shortened designation V6 and in a shortened design also as V5 in the subsequent Passat and Golf generations. The VR6 reached its final stage of development in the Passat R36, which generated an impressive 300 hp from a displacement of 3.6 liters.

Munchen, 11. June 2015 – Oko and reasonable everyone. Bold is, who is in this country Mustang ride. For the first time, Ford will officially bring its sports car icon to Germany. At a price that looks the established competition old look. The US Muscle Car starts at 35.000 Euro – but then there are four cylinders.

There are not many cars where you only have to call the type designation and every woman what it’s all about. 911er, E-Type, Continental or Corvette for example. Or just Mustang, those uramerican car icon, born 1964. A so-called pony car, compact and musculos, a teenager rebel, who rebelled against the spying and lame the parent generation striving chairs. At that time, customers have camped in front of the showrooms of the handlers, only to be at the very beginning. 22.000 Pre-orders should have given it.

In the style of the Roaring Sixties

From such a record demand you dream in the corporate headquarters in Dearborn / Michigan today. But the new Mustang, meanwhile the sixth generation, comes well with his fans. He has been available on the US market for September, starting in Germany at the end of June. An important purchase reason is the design. Especially the view of the rear reminds unmertainly "Roaring Sixties", as the ur-mustang as so-called fastback still bodied black strokes on the asphalt. Best to see in the legendary movie "Bullet" with Steve McQueen. More Mustang, more macho, more muscles did not.