Snapchat: users to take smaller loss

Snapchat: Users to take smaller loss

Data of the photo app Snapchat show with the progressive Corona vaccination campaign in the US a gradual return to normal everyday life. "We see that people go out more and meet friends, or to return to work and learn", said the land and boss Evan Mirror for the presentation of current quarter numbers on Thursday. In the US with 330 million inhabitants, around 200 million corona vaccinations were administered in the first three months of the term of Prasident Joe Biden. Snapchat now hopes to accelerate the high growth from the pandemic time.

Because with a high activity in everyday life, the app will be used more. Snapchat in Marz again recorded new friends and news exchange between users. Currently, the 280 million day users open the app on average 30 times a day – and every time is an opportunity for advertisers to present you advertising.

At the same time, the Snapchat makers believe that Corona habits like online shopping will play a big role as previously after the end of the pandemic. They sat in the crisis massively on augmented reality (AR) to introduce digital objects into the real environment. This did not only result in SPAB applications, but also business models such as the possibility, fashion or cosmetics such as make-up virtual try.

Less loss

The invoice went to: quarterly sales jumped year-on-year to $ 769.6 million, around € 640.5 million, as the operator company Snap announced. For the current quarter, Snap expects a sales increase between 80 and 85 percent and 290 million users daily. The loss fell from about $ 306 million a year ago to just under $ 287 million of dollars.

The number of daily active users rose 15 million to 280 million in the past quarter. Of these, 93 million from the USA market come and 77 million from Europe. Users from Android smartphones were first in the majority at Snapchat. Although the Google operating system dominates in the market with a share of more than 80 percent. But Snapchat has long been forced by technical problems with the Android app, so iPhone users set the majority. Already in the quarter before Snapchat had to gain users.

Snapchat was originally known with self-disappearing photos. In the meantime, the app tries, among other things, as a platform for further media content.

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