Schulze: strict consumption targets for new cars

Schulze: strict consumption targets for new cars

German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze calls for strict CO2 limits for cars and vans starting 2022. "The transport sector is the problem child," the SPD politician said today (25. June 2018) at an EU ministerial meeting in Luxembourg. "We have to do what is technically possible now."

Although one wants to preserve the car industry in Germany and Europe. "But we also have to achieve our climate protection goals," Schulze added. It pays on the innovative strength of the industry. "We have to make progress here."

The subject of the Council of EU countries was a proposal by the EU Commission to further print the consumption (measured in carbon dioxide emissions) of new cars. By 2025, they are expected to emit an average of 15 percent less carbon dioxide than in 2021, and 30 percent less by 2030. However, a decision on the position of the EU countries was not yet expected.

Meanwhile, new regulations have already been approved to monitor the fuel consumption of trucks and buses. This should also help climate protection. Uniform standards for fuel consumption data are planned, so that hauliers can better orient themselves when purchasing new vehicles.

Greenhouse gas emissions from transport in the EU in 2015 were 19 percent above 1990 levels, according to official figures. Nearly three-quarters of this came from road traffic, of which 44.5 percent was from cars and 18.8 percent from trucks and buses. A drastic turnaround is needed to meet the EU’s 2030 climate targets: By 2030, emissions from transport are to be cut by 20 percent below the 2008 level.

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