Prere product – displacement is to be replaced

Prere product - displacement is to be replaced

Hannover, 16. July 2008 – The maxim "displacement is not to replace by nothing, beyond even more displacement" could last decades and was not even wrong. As long as gasoline motors had to suck the finished air-fuel mixture of their own strength, displacement was a crucial rule groove to increase torque. Even today, especially in the US vehicles with "Big Blocks" are traveling, which seems to shake their power out of the Armel, but also deep into the tank. But their time seems to expire: The new motto is called "Prere can be replaced by nothing" and is based on a skilful combination of turbocharging, direct injection and variable valve control.

Turbocharger on withdrawal
The turbocharger has an amazing character change behind: Legendar is, despite his quirks of the Saab 99/900 Turbo, who likes to approve 15 liters and not only demanded a gentle gasfub – little in lower speeds came, then suddenly the turbo sat down. What a contrast to the smallest TSI engine of VW, who likes to be used as a sample copy for downsizing – also because he was sold as the first of its kind in coarse stucco numbers. At TSI with 90 kW (122 hp), the turbo is surprisingly standing for low consumption and high torque at low speeds.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the turbocharger was above all a praiseworthy means to replace a coarse-volumed engine. But that was bought with more consumption: the mixture formation, whether with carburetor or injection, was at the time in the intake manifold before the finished gasoline air mixture was requested in the cylinder. The disadvantage: Due to the high prere due to the turbocharger, a smaller compression was necessary to prevent knocking. In the example Saab 99 stood 9.5: 1 with a suction motor a value of 7.2: 1 in the turbomotor opposite – the modern TSI is compressed despite turbo with 10: 1.

Of course, the technology of the turbocharger has evolved, but that is not the only reason for his revival: a decisive contribution came from the further development of direct injection, which is first not associated with charging. To anticipate: Only direct injection makes the turbocharger for savings concepts properly attractive, and the creampie are finally variable valve controls.

Father success of direct injection
Amazing, already in 1877 Nikolaus Otto dear the principle of direct injection patenting, but then it should not play more than a hundred years for automotors for automobiles, apart from special traps as the Mercedes 300 SL in the 1950s. Only in the mid-1990s, she came up again, as a pioneer may apply Mitsubishi. In 1996, the Japanese brought the Carisma GDI to the market, the first coarse series vehicle, which allowed leaning with the direct injection.

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