Oko everyone can

Munchen, 11. June 2015 – Oko and reasonable everyone. Bold is, who is in this country Mustang ride. For the first time, Ford will officially bring its sports car icon to Germany. At a price that looks the established competition old look. The US Muscle Car starts at 35.000 Euro – but then there are four cylinders.

There are not many cars where you only have to call the type designation and every woman what it’s all about. 911er, E-Type, Continental or Corvette for example. Or just Mustang, those uramerican car icon, born 1964. A so-called pony car, compact and musculos, a teenager rebel, who rebelled against the spying and lame the parent generation striving chairs. At that time, customers have camped in front of the showrooms of the handlers, only to be at the very beginning. 22.000 Pre-orders should have given it.

In the style of the Roaring Sixties

From such a record demand you dream in the corporate headquarters in Dearborn / Michigan today. But the new Mustang, meanwhile the sixth generation, comes well with his fans. He has been available on the US market for September, starting in Germany at the end of June. An important purchase reason is the design. Especially the view of the rear reminds unmertainly "Roaring Sixties", as the ur-mustang as so-called fastback still bodied black strokes on the asphalt. Best to see in the legendary movie "Bullet" with Steve McQueen. More Mustang, more macho, more muscles did not.

From this coolness drive a good portion also in the new Mustang with. Especially if you have the self-confidence to decide for the uramerican drive type: the V8 engine. This is not easy in a country where it is always looked at consumption. A two-digit value is actually here as K.O.-criteria. For the Mustang, Ford gives 13.5 liters, a trimmed standard consumption of the prudter. In everyday life, this is at least 15 liters. And who lets it a bit more violent tackle, also shooks 18 liters per 100 kilometers. As a reward, however, a lot of lane beckons.

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