Hub’s cars: car design awards for hyundai, ferrari and porsche

Hub's cars: Car Design Awards for Hyundai, Ferrari and Porsche

Hyundai for his concept car Prophecy, Ferrari for his serial car Roma and Porsche for the design language of its entire model range are the price brags of this-year car design awards. Of the "Oscar" The car designer was set in 1984 by Italian Autodesign magazine car design in the world. This time, the award ceremony in Turin was virtually held because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the categories of concept cars came behind the Hyndai designers that of the EXP 100 GT from Bentley and the Seat designers for the Cupra Tavascan on the places. The Porsche Toycan and Land Rovers Defender came behind Ferrari on the places two and three, as well as the designers of Peugeot and Mazda behind the Porsche designers.

The jury consisted of journalists of various international automagazines. Jury chairman Silvia BARUFFALDI, editor of auto design, sees positive award ceremony for the first time online. By "Connections in the whole world" spotted.

Futuristic, elegant, iconic

Hyundai had presented his futuristic concept prophecy this year in Marz. The line of the body should remember an over the centuries of the water-cut stone. It extends from the A-saule of the vehicle to the rear. On the other hand, a powerful impression should be the "Musculosis rear appearance already in the stand" awaken. Without a conventional drive, the prophecy does not need a conventional boiler grill.

Car Design Awards, Price Brag and Waiting

Hub's cars: Car Design Awards for Hyundai, Ferrari and Porsche

Waiting Series 2020: BMW 8 Gran Coupe

Ferraris Roma is recently for 200.000 € conservation; The coupe is more elegant therefore as many other, aggressively acting Ferrari model. The jury says it was understated that the Ferrari designers had delivered a big job. They had the Grand Tourer in the 21. Century accelerated.

Porsche has done it in the opinion of the jury, "to develop one of the most iconic designs in the history of cars". The current model range combines its heritage with technical innovation and thus create one "Hypermodayer and at the same time unmistakable image". The Porsche design team also adapted style elements and proportions to the new architectures that were allowed by the electrification.

Last year, the Concept car Alfa Romeo Tonale won the Series car Peugeot 208 and Citroen for its design language.

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