Exit in mercedes c 43 amg coupe

Exit in mercedes c 43 amg coupe

Munchen, 30. August 2016 – In the three German, self-proclaimed premium brands, the activities of the competition are observed very well. This does not only affect models on how to read the example of the BMW X6 and the following opposition, but also marketing ideas. For some time, at all of the attempt has been fashionable to drop something of the glitter of the in-house tuners on those models, which are slightly stronger than the most powerful "normal" models. Mercedes goes one step further and markets two C classes as AMG offshoot. The weaker version of it was available for a reederunde.

"The C43 is the entry into the AMG world," says it from Affalterbach. With his 367 hp he remains unquestionably clear below the top model, but surpasses his direct opponent of BMW. Between 440i and M4, there is currently a luck, although the smaller than that between the Mercedes AMG models. With the machine from the BMW M2 hour actually a suitable drive for the 4er ready, but in Munchchen you probably will make the M4 with unnecessary competition.

Theoretically close to each other

At Mercedes, such thoughts are obviously no topic. The motor base comes from the C 400, where it provides 333 hp. Both have four-wheel drive and the same gear, only the axis is translated in the AMG model with 3.07 shorts than in the C 400 (2.82). However, the supposedly sporty offshoot is at least 60 kilograms heavier. The differences in the factories are then exactly as small as the difference in performance, translation and curb weight already suspect. The C 400 accelerates in 4.9 seconds from the stand to Tempo 100, in the AMG it is minimal 4.7. The highest speed is limited to both to 250 km / h, without limitation was probably a bit more. In the NEFZ Mercedes promises 7.6 liters in the C 400, it should be 7.8 liters in the C 43.

As far as the theory. In practice, the floating differences are far rough, which speaks for the can of the engineers. The AMG is the strain foehrable, both wonderful as well as in the broad senses. The negative fall is gross, bearing and wishbone stiffer designed. This significantly reduces the tendency with sudden direction channels. With the driving program "Comfort", "Sports" and "Sport Plus", the driver can set the Boliding after his gusto. In the dynamic variant, the switching times tore clearly, the gas acceptance becomes more immediate. Of course, the chassis is then suffering from the subsoil towards the occupants.

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