Embracer buys borderlands-studio gearbox for up to 1.3 billion us dollars

Embracer buys Borderlands-Studio Gearbox for up to 1.3 billion US dollars

The Swedish game company Embracer Group continues its developer portfolio. With Gearbox Entertainment is now a further named studio to Embracer. Treatment was able to cost a total of up to $ 1.3 billion (just under 1.1 billion euros). 363 million of them are supervised directly, the rest is appealed to performance targets.

Through the consideration, according to the Gearbox, no changes to the structure of the developer studio are expected. Gearbox will therefore work as a separate business area under the driving of Randy Pitchford within the Embracer Group. According to own information, Gearbox has a total of 550 employees in Frisco and Quebec City.

Trailer to Borderlands 3 (Source: Gearbox)

Embracers Developer Family

"Gearbox is probably one of the most creative and most valuable independent developer studios in the world, commented embracer undertakings Lars Wingefors. With the resources of the Swedish games company Konne Gearbox continues to grow in the coming years. Gearbox has developed in the early 2000s-year extensions and ports of Half-Life. Most recently, the studio was known in Texas especially for Duke Nukem and the Borderlands games.

In addition to Gearbox, Embracer Group has bought two more companies: the above all known studio aspyr media and the mobile games developer EasyBrain. They are stobing the developer portfolio of Embracer, which has grown in the past strong. Among other things, Cook Media and Coffee Stain Studios, the developers of "Goat simulator" and "Satisfactory".

Also volition ("Saints Row"), Warhorse Studios ("Kingdom Come: Delivance"), 4a games ("metro") And the German Studio Piranha Bytes ("Gothic") are part of Embracer. Embracer itself is known to many games fans, especially under his earlier name: until 2019, the company was known under the name THQ Nordic. Today THQ Nordic is a subsidiary within Embracer Group.

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