A different look at war

The story of the memes that don’t like each other

Every war or political conflict follows a trivial basic pattern: The evil in the world must be fought. The evil is always the other, and because he is evil, he must be fought. He is evil because he wants to destroy us. The other wants to destroy us, because we think he is evil and therefore we could destroy him and harm him. From the dialectical point of view, there are always two parties that have the same structural opinion about the other one. Politically, this condition also arises from the tendency to always blame someone else for one’s own misery, in order not to have to bear the responsibility for it oneself. In order to communicate this plausibly, a clever argumentation or, in other words, a fixed ideology is needed.

Collective disputes arise at the borders of different convictions. This is not new, but so far no one has been able to prevent it in the long term. Today, it is the border between Islam and the Western world that produces conflicts. Europe experienced a certain basic conflict for a long time because of the division of Christianity into the Protestant and the Catholic side. Starting with the 30-year war to current conflicts in Northern Ireland. In every conflict there are two parties: communists and capitalists, capitalists and working class, Shiites and Sunnis, Serbs and Croats, football fans from one team and football fans from the other team, Greeks and Turks or Kolners and Dusseldorfers.

As laughable as this often appears from the perspective of an outsider, it is all the more dramatic from the point of view of those involved. The conviction that one holds drives one to this view. If, on the other hand, you look at the game from the outside, you wonder and ask about the usefulness of the quarrel, because the participants on both sides are nothing more than normal people with the same interests. Normally they have been living peacefully next to each other for centuries, no one would think of giving up the nice contact with their neighbor. Until the meme comes, until the idea befalls the one that the neighbor is a bad person just because he is called a Muslim, a Jew, a Protestant, a black person or something else.

The imagination of the memes is limitless, there are enough reasons to give another the label "bose" most of them have not even been discovered yet. The time will come when pizza makers, newspaper readers, long haired people, tea drinkers and walkers will become victims of exclusion and discrimination. It seems absurd to us, but a few hundred years ago nobody could imagine a war between communists and capitalists.

The war is a memetic constant

So war happens only when two different convictions cross each other. Before, people were good friends, now they bash each other’s heads in. The opposite happens in every collective bargaining session. In the meeting, employee representatives verbally lash out at employer representatives; in the evening, the matter is forgotten and a beer is drunk peacefully together. War only works as long as there are personable distances. When enemy soldiers come into contact through unplanned situations, the unwanted can happen in war; as understanding and sympathy spread among them.

So war is not a human but a memetic constant. Although war always appears where there are people, it does not always have to happen there. People can also live in peace. Collective conflicts exist only since there is communication. Animals also have aggression in their instinct repertoire, but this takes place on the level of individual disputes.

Memes are selfish, and they need this characteristic to survive. A meme, which cannot assert itself against other memes, has lost. It is overrun by the diversity of other beliefs and thus disappears proportionately from the picture plane. Every culture is a war culture in terms of its propagation strategy, peaceful cultures have no place in such a world, or rather, no place is left for them.

The meme survives only if it calls other memes bad. If the person is still occupied with another belief, the original meme has relatively fewer thinking and communication resources left. The meme is losing habitat, the potential for propagation is not optimized, and therefore the evolution of memes tends to produce the most aggressive variants possible.

Christianity simply claims that the believer cannot have other gods next to him, other religions will have similar agreements with their followers. Since different belief systems originate in different places, they have no problem spreading in the first place. The fight only comes up when distribution areas collide, when it is a matter of finding more followers, i.e. occupying new brains, and preventing other memes from spreading. Various war theaters could be most peaceful landscapes, as long as no hostile memes meet here by same people.

The meme world creates its own logical cosmos for each of its people, in which everything is consistently explained, as long as one does not question it closely. But even against this the meme has often developed a prohibition of reflection. We believe about ourselves that our view of things is the right one. We have science, technology and money, reason enough to believe that we are on the right side. Everything else is underdeveloped and wrong.

But what about the people who are on the other side?? They also believe what we believe, only with a different logic and with different axioms. Their world is better for other reasons. Maybe because it has no cruel exploitation by capitalism or no polluting technology that is more and more greedy for the money that the poor people in the world have to earn for them. Perhaps archaic ways of life, as they existed in the past or as they are cultivated in other parts of the world, are much better to live a happy life? No one asks about the benefits of veiling and patriarchy, it is already politically incorrect to think about the question. Are we not overstraining ourselves in modern times to reconcile love and marriage?? Or do these ways of life fail because of high divorce rates, psychosomatic diseases or endless psychotherapies?? We don’t question it exactly either, although this is exactly what we always demand from other cultures.

Multiplication of the memes, not of the individual humans as hosts is the goal

Back to the memes, they are selfish, their goal is to multiply and what happens to the people is first of all indifferent to them. In their calculations, it makes no difference which human being they live in. If one of them dies, the rest can still live on in other brains. If need be, a meme will make its bearer jump off a skyscraper in front of the whole team or fly into it with a plane. Some of the people watching will know afterwards what it is all about – and therein lies the multiplication success of the meme. For the one brain that is now squashed on the building structure, thousands of other people have this meme in their heads.

Governments send their citizens to war so that their system or the idea about the functioning of their policy shall prevail worldwide. The "liberal democracy" wants to multiply in the world just like a form of government "according to the will of God" or the "power of the proletariat". States try to impose themselves and the farmer usually does not care on which territory he grows his potatoes, the soil remains the same anyway, as long as only the border moves. As a rule, the citizen does not care at all from which state he gets his taxes, the money is gone in both cases. The only thing that could disturb him is the memetic discrepancy, the other state could represent a conviction that does not suit him.

Ideals that are supposed to be useful to people only exist in exceptional cases anyway; memes change over time in order to be able to reproduce themselves better. What remains is the shimmering label. Democracy, as it is supposed to be, only exists in Switzerland and certainly not in the USA or Germany. Happiness through faith exists only in small areas of the New Testament, but the church forces its members into ways of life that are much crueler than life without faith. These memes have only been able to spread because they have been able to cleverly disguise this knowledge about themselves. The condition, as it is, tortures the people, but contributes all the more to the growth of the meme population.

War works in the same way. It exposes people to mortal risk in order to kill others, and thus to destroy obscurantist ideas of "freedom", "Equality" and other scintillating content forcibly exported to other heads. The sufferer is the human being, without the ideas this form of collective violence would not exist. The idea is a parasitic entity, which in this case depends on human victims for its survival.

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