Xbox series x in teardown: changable standard ssd and elaborate kuhle

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

Tool manufacturer IFIXIT has decomposed Microsoft’s game console Xbox Series X and revealed the offal. The Teardown realizes that the Xbox Series X thanks to the use of standard screws without adhesive quite easy to disassemble. In the floor sits a 130 mm gross axial jerse, which prints fresh air through the cooling complex in the housing. The diameter is quite unaffected; Special supplier Delta sells the model at least not yet – alternatives were allowed to go to the market.

In the middle is a sandwich of two motherboards, multi-part cooler and power supply. A coarse aluminum body absorbs the Aberme of the AMD Combined Processor and GDDR6 memory over a vapor chamber; A metal frame hold the voltage converters at temperatures. The latter serves simultaneously for stabilization and shielding electromagnetic radiation, such as IFIXIT in the Teardown of the Xbox Series X exports.

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

Kuhler-Sandwich The Xbox Series X: The aluminum body left leaves the abarm of the combined processor.

Bald standard SSD

On the motherboard, Microsoft brings a M.2-SSD from Western Digital under – the 30 mm short cartet strikes the SN530 strong, but according to Western Digital but on a customized controller. The connection should be connected via two PCI-Express-4.0-lanes and not like the normal SN530 Uber PCie 3.0 x4. The SN530 represents a beginner model that is quite favorable.

Otherwise, the memory extensions of Seagate looks like: pictures of Venturebeat Show that the module internally represents a CF Express card, as you can know from the camera field. Phisons E19 Controller relies on two PCIe-4.0-lanes, which the same transfer rate like four PCIe-3.Reach 0-lanes. Microsoft’s so-called Velocity architecture sets Primar to API-Pick to increase speed: it compresses data and leave the GPU directly to the memory without the CPU on the CPU.

Xbox Series X in Teardown: Changable standard SSD and elaborate kuhle

The Xbox Series X has an M.2 connection (M-Key) for a PCIe SSD.

Microsoft is thus a different way as a competitor Sony at the PlayStation 5: The latter combines a self-designed controller with Flash blocks – all four chips are firmly hired, achieving thanks to PCIe 4.0 But high speeds.

The use of an M.2-cartchs makes for Microsoft in particular warrantable gish tiger, as the SSD exchanges, without slumping the entire mainboard. Users do not have much of because they do not partition the memory and can install the operating system. In addition, hardly 30 mm short M are available in retail trade.2-cartech (M.2230) Available are 80 mm (M.2280). Similarly, for the installed UHD-Blu-ray drive, which is exchanging itself, but a subsidiary board with assigned hardware ID contains – so only Microsoft and partners can make useful repairs.

In the bottom line, ifixit awards the Xbox Series x 7 of 10 points for the repairability.

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