Shortly informed: cycling, tesla, sunrise upc, #fictionalimpact

Shortly informed: cycling, Tesla, Sunrise UPC, #Fictionalimpact

Opportunities for more bicycle traffic

The bicycle lobby and the municipalities see rough opportunities for a traffic policy turnaround in favor of cycling. Ruckenwind hope for the federal government, who had set up a national cycling plan last week. He contains recommendations for action and strategies to demand cycling in the country and in the city by 2030 and the Federal Republic until the end of the decade "Bicycle country" expand. The plan sees more cycle connections until the end of the 2020s, more return on load prevention and a removal of bicycle parking straps. In addition, the paths for breaders and cars should be planned with suitably separately. The federal government wants to invest about 1.46 billion euros in cycling by 2023.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 27.04.2021: Cycling, Tesla, Sunrise UPC, #Fictionalimpact

No timetable for approval from Tesla plant

The time of decision on the approval of the factory of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grunheide near Berlin is still open – and thus the exact start of production. "It then rolls the first car from the tape when the final approval is present and the work is built", Declared Brandenburg’s Economic Minister Jorg Steinbach. "When the approval procedure will be completed, no concrete date can be named here and today – because here is clearly the principle of quality priority." So far, Tesla builds on its own risk – over several premature permits.

Store reduction at Sunrise UPC

The Swiss cable network operator Sunrise UPC had to reduce 600 digits only through a merger. Already in January, the Group, which was created by the merger of the cable network operator UPC and the Telco Sunrise, was confused a rough job reduction. After the concretization, it is now clear that the scope is not quite rough, as canceled.

Planetary Defense Conference Probe Ernstfall

As part of the Planetary Defense Conference this week will take place again this week, in which a hypothetical asteroid impact threatens. As with previous exercises, the planned game also started the conference this year and there was only rough details. Every day further information is added to which the parties have to react. Even if it goes to Hollywood, you will develop mission concepts and technologies to distract an asteroid, Detlef Koschny, who heads the Planetary Defense Office at the ESA. The ESA tweets the progress of the exercise under the hashtag #Fictionalimpact.

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