Schulze brings co2 storage out of the woodwork

Despite objections from environmental groups, German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has spoken out in favor of storing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the ground. In her view, this could be a contribution to achieving Germany’s climate goals. "This debate has to be," the SPD politician told Saturday’s Editorial Network Germany. "Underground storage of carbon dioxide has long been resisted because it would allow coal to be used for electricity generation for longer periods. With the coal phase-out, however, this objection is no longer valid."

Also with natural means such as afforestation carbon dioxide can be bound. "But I warn against illusions: We can’t plant as many trees as we need to offset our current CO2 emissions," Schulze explained. At the same time, she called for CO2 reduction: "It is always better to avoid emissions in the first place than to laboriously recapture the CO2 afterwards, to reuse it in an energy-intensive way or to store it."

Earlier, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had referred to the possibility of CO2 storage. However, she was criticized by environmental groups for this. "We expressly warn against considering dangerous, expensive and unproven technologies such as the storage of CO2 underground as climate protection," said, for example, BUND leader Hubert Weiger.

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