Resuscitation: sega shows vr-remake of “tank dragoon saga”

Resuscitation: Sega shows VR-Remake of'panzer dragoon saga''panzer dragoon saga'

On the VR showcase became a first trailer "Tank Dragoon Voyage Record" shown. The VR remake of three "Panzer Dragoon"-Play is currently at the Studio Wildman in work. The VR collection was announced in Marz.

Part of the collection are "Panzer Dragoon", "Tank Dragoon two" and "Tank Dragoon Saga". Just "Tank Dragoon Saga" is interesting because it is one of the most expensive collector’s pictures of the video game story. The Japanese roleplay came on the market in 1998 for Segas Saturn. Well-preserved used copies achieve prices between 500 and 1000 euros on the secondary market.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record Trailer (E3 2020) (Source: Wildman)

Under the name of "Tank Dragoon Voyage Record" – the "Voyage Record" is cured with VR – all three parts of Sega Saturn should be summarized in an Omnibus publication. While in the originals the characters from the shoulder perspective are displayed in "Tank Dragoon Voyage Record" An ego perspective used.

Lost source code

How exactly the studio "Tank Dragoon Saga" Implementing in the trilogy is still unclear. According to the official Twitter account, it is a best of the three original games. According to Sega, there was no remake of the game yet, as the source code was lost. The first screenshots and the trailers show many original scenes, but also newly rendered dragons in the Unreal Engine. "Tank Dragoon Voyage Record" should appear before Marz 2021 and be compatible with Steam VR, all Oculus VR headsets and PlayStation VR.

Further episodes Will Sega develop with a soon starting crowdfunding campaign. Wildmans development arises independently of the remakes of Tank Dragoon and Tank Dragoon two, which are planned for the Nintendo Switch.

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