Polished: photoshop cs4

With the acquisition of Photoshop CS4, the user must swallow Adobe’s dignified product activation, which now completely invisible invisible. In the same since June 2008 Adobe products – including Acrobat 9 – accounts for both the telephone activation alternative and the call for the activation of the software. Instead, it connects self-captive with the activation server, which do not feel a few users as an unacceptable grene failure or even spy on. Adobe assets, do not provide personal information about the IP address. In addition, you can operate the software on computers that are not connected to the Internet without activation. Deactivation is still possible – if the user is still aware of this requirement?. Details we could not test with the beta version available to us.

Rotating view

Polished: Photoshop CS4

The workflat of Photoshop can be turned arbitrarily.

The draftsman and painters among the image editors can be pleased on the free movable drawing surface ("Rotate View") of CS4: The working surface can now be used to turn back and fore during brushing. Advantage: As with the work on paper you can always drove the brushstrokes as best manifest it. Thanks to improved screen anti-aliasing, pictures are now displayed correctly in each degenerate level. These new display functions are followed by Photoshop Adobes video editing products in the Reich of OpenGL acceleration: Photoshop CS4 leads the calculation of the naturally changing view and the anti-aliasing exclusively on the graphics processor.

GPU acceleration

The manufacturer has first optimized the underlying processes for NVIDIA graphics cards, probably other OpenGL-2-malicious cards as accelerators. On a 2.8-GHz dual-core-Athlon with Geforce 8400 GS, rotation, moving and zooming of the virtual paper worked in real time – whether we moved a 500 MByte or a 3.5 GB file. The guides also follow the rotation; Correct projection of the image quantities on the rulers does not take place. Since the brush also turns, you have to use certain variants – such as grass bushes – unfortunately in the usual view. Magnifying glass, hand and brushes were also doped with OpenGL accelerators: Even in huge pictures Photoshop dives rapidly continuously from the full-screen view of a pixel level – in the highest zoom levels a survivored grid separates the individual pixels optically from each other. When OPENGL-accelerated navigating, the picture does not move the picture with a degree of hectic mouse movements as before, but simply puts a powerful thrust: It gives him kinetic energy, so it is always moving and slowly runs.

64-bit system

From a further technical progress only Windows users benefit: Photoshop is now native to 64-bit systems, so can be extensively operated in coarsent RAM equipment. On 32-bit systems, it comes to just under 1.7 GB of memory. We recorded a laceable performance profit for files from about 1 GB. For example, the 1600-fold intake of a 10 megapixel image (16-bit color depth per channel) under Windows Vista (32 bit, 1.7 GB of RAM assigned) just ten seconds, under Windows Vista (64 bits, 6 GB of RAM assigned) only six. When converting it into a Smart Object, the 64-bit protrudes to the standard version fetched more than two minutes (conversion time: 1.5 minutes). The 6400-fold intake managed the 64-bit variant in only 18 seconds against 2.75 minutes. Mac users with 64-bit ambitions must be patient according to Adobe to the next release. Meanwhile, MacBook Air or PPO owner Tosts the manufacturer with the support of MultiTouch gestures on the trackpad for example for zooming or rotating.

Regardless of OpenGL and 64-bit performance increases, we searched for a more responsive surface. In particular, rapid, coarse-flat brush strokes brought Photoshop CS4 in the test only with delay on the monitor. Also gloon: If you do not specify the system partition as a primary partition for the paging file, the application can only be started with administrative rights. And in the test on our 64-bit system, the open of files via Adobe Bridge did not work.

Raw data blank

The harmony between the RAW package Lightroom 2 and the import module built into Photoshop has already with a publication of Camera Raw 4.5 restored. RAW files can thus be opened directly from Lightroom as Smart Objects in Photoshop and readjusted via Camera RAW dialog as needed. In particular, a preview option wishes value, especially when working with the new selective RAW corrections – which involves all the settling levels stacked on the raw data. Incidentally, the Camera Raw Update may only work together with Photoshop versions from CS3; Owner of aging spending with harmonization requirement asks Adobe for update to CS4. Those who put into the narrow toothing must therefore almost keep Photoshop in the art as currently as the upstream Lightroom.

Scaling machine

Polished: Photoshop CS4

As particularly grateful motives when "scalate" proven landscape recordings with rather coarse structures.

A fascinating innovation is the "Content-Aware Scale", a kind of clamping and scaling machine. The user highlights roughly important image content and stores them in a mask – these protective zones preserved Photoshop during automatic chopping and breaking up in their original coarse. Useful results we achieved in the foreground when cropping landscape images; The visible, but not too striking seams love themselves with a few simple steps.

Expectant failures the function in photos with the rejuvenating lines and other perspective effects. Even those who might enlarge images disproportionately, is usually destroyed: with strong stretching, formerly fine structures like streaking through the background. To master this task, Photoshop had to move textures automatically, instead of scaling them to scale.

Non-destructive corrections and 3D

Otherwise, Adobe has devoted itself mainly to improving the existing: postponers and brighteners go less brute to works than before and non-destructive corrections get their own, practical pallet. The opacity and the soft edge of plane masks can be readjusted at any time, of which Smart-Objects masks are unfortunately excluded. Macro photographers can thanks to the advanced "Auto Blend" function, a picture series with different sharp zones in a picture with coarse deep shield surplants.

Photoshop Extended makes the update tasty and video artists, but also serves architects and physicians: Photoshop CS4 Extended can not only read objects and their textures, but also to edit and add essential features of a 3D scene such as lighting and materials. In addition, 3D objects can be painted directly with the help of Photoshop brushes; For a better rendering, the new Ray Tracer ensures. "AUDIO PLAYBACK" Receive the video export on request the soundtrack, and non-square pixels are displayed better.


So pay the update? Whoever paints, mounted and alienated, was allowed to have on the OpenGL acceleration begun with CS4 respectively the rotatable character unit only waited. Coarse format lovers can work liquid thanks to 64-bit support. For the wide mass of the imaging workers, the improvements to the previous version are not serious – they can also omit this version. (RST)

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