Nabu calls for better species protection on the beginning of the tesla factory

NABU calls for better species protection on the beginning of the Tesla factory

The nature conservation collar (NABU) Brandenburg calls for the protection of animals and plants in view of the planned further clearing of forest for the factory of US electric autobauer Tesla. "We are concerned that species protection is guaranteed", said the NABU state chairman Friedhelm Schmitz-Jersch of the DPA. Necessary "Good and adequate compensation measures" For the procedure. The NABU Landeschef ames that Tesla will fall early in the autumn further tree on the bands in Grunheide near Berlin, because then the breeding season is over.

Tesla wants to start production of electric cars in July 2021. The production of 500 is planned.000 vehicles in the year. The complete environmental approval for the construction by the state of Brandenburg is off, Tesla previously prepares the construction at its own risk. 92 hectares of forest were dropped on the 300-hectare countries.

The clearing of further 63 hectares is already in planning. In the first expansion phase of the Tesla Gigafactory, 39 hectares are to be scanned as a result of an updated application for approval. Tesla has not yet called a timeline for further clearance.

Loss of habitat for animals

For the species protection, Tesla adopted an analysis before the start of the first clearance, which emanates from maximum occurrences of plants and animals. Be better to accurately capture the species in the vegetation time, said the NABU state chairman. Tesla is currently creating a precise mapping of all species.

Two environmental associations had wanted to prevent premature waste of the Rotod because the factory is not yet acceptable. The Oberanverwaltungsgericht Berlin-Brandenburg pointed her express entrance in the second instance in February but back.

So far, the state of Brandenburg 373 Jind against the factory went. According to environmental minister Axel Vogel (Grune), they are against the water consumption, the waste water disposal and the construction of the plant in the water protection area. In addition, the low-volume burden, the air pollution, the traffic load, the safety of the plants to the tasting and the loss of habitat for animals and plants, as out of an answer to a request from the AFD state fraction.

The first appointment for the public verification of criticism had been postponed because of the Corona pandemic, he should be on 23. September in Erkner will be made up. Because Tesla updated the application, it is possible until 3. September to raise new sands against changes.

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