European premiere for mazdas hydrogen wankel

European premiere for mazdas hydrogen wankel

Oslo (Norway), 15. May 2009 – Already last fall, Mazda had told the Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen Re in Norway a practical test. The goal is not only the testing of the vehicle itself, but also the infrastructure for hydrogen supply. Now the first European version of the Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen Re in Oslo was presented.

Wankel hydrogen mazda with new look

The RX 8 Hydrogen Re introduced in the Norwegian capital has been tested in Japan since 2006. After Europe now comes a left-left version in the robe of the facelift model. The frontpiece was slightly changed, new LED lamps on the stern and a modified rear strainer. The Scandinavian Wankel Mazda also gets a manual Funfgang gearbox. From the summer of 2009, Mazda wants to provide 30 more vehicles as part of a leasing program 30. In Japan, the leasing rate for a RX-8 Hydrogen RE 400 supplies.000 yen a month, converted about 3000 euros.

The advantages of the Wankel engine

In the trunk of the RX-8 Hydrogen Re, the hydrogen tanks are housed. You will be stored in them 110 liters of hydrogen with a prere of 350 bar. In addition, there is a 61 liter of fierce fueled fuel tank. Under the hood, the well-known 13B Renesis Wankel operates, which emits 210 hp in gasoline operation, with hydrogen only 109 hp. According to Mazda, the circle engine is ideal for use with hydrogen. Thus, the foregoing of the four-stroke process in spatially separate combustion chambers, inlet, combustion and outlet cycle are constantly changing. Therefore, at comparatively low temperatures, the hydrogen is in the inlet chamber and only occurs at the last moment before the actual round of the high temperatures of the combustion chamber. In addition, the compared to the lifting piston engine Langere operation according to Mazda allows better mixture formation of air and hydrogen. Due to the additionally possible gasoline operation, the range is required, since the number of hydrogen petrol stations is still low. With hydrogen, the RX-8 pilots come 100 kilometers far, additional 549 kilometers easier to get the frosted fuel.

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