Despite lockdown: federal criminal office recorded 2020 significantly more passenger data

Despite Lockdown: Federal Criminal Office recorded 2020 significantly more passenger data

Although the air traffic in the Corona year 2020 significantly decreased and the number of passengers in this country in Germany sank by 75 percent to the Federal Statistical Office in 2019, the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) has collected significantly more passenger data last year in the past year. Thus, the stated passenger data center office in the police worker 2020 processed a total of around 105 million records over passengers who start or land in Germany. In the previous year, it had been about 78 million, so about 35 percent less.

From 24 million to 31 million records

The unimpaired number of airborne guest guests gives the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in a our site response to a request from the Bundestag member Andrej Hunko (DIE LINKE) for 2020 with just under 31 million, while in 2019 were around 24 million. It also contains individuals who are flown several times, the department blends. Passengers who have undertaken back and backflow or multiple air travel have also been paid several times. Overall, 2020 started or landed on the 24 well-known German traffic airport around 58 million passengers.

Unique rucks on the number of individuals concerned are "System-based not possible", Write the BMI. This is because air carriers per flight connection and asked guests delivered different number of passenger data records and find out of this total no accurate personal statistics.

Grid investigation aims at "Violence"

In the first quarter of 2020, according to another response of the Federal Government, the BKA Central Office recorded almost 43 million the so-called Passenger Name Records (PNR) on a good 12 million passengers on request from the Member of the Federal Government. She charged the increase in the same period of comparison 2019 at that time "Through the successive growth of the PNR system by connecting further air carriers and flight connections".

The aim of the grid investigation in the sky is to identify searched offenses and suspicious like in particular terrorist danger of. After a reconciliation with the police investment stock, this last year 78 remained.179 "Violence" in the net. The number of "Dropished technically positive passenger search hits" Specifies the BMI with 5347. These are 0.2 per thousand of the detected unstopped passenger number. In 2019, this success rate had only 0.082 per thousand, the number of passes after adjustment was 111.588.

Often false suspected messages

The 5347 "technically positive" Checked hits have the BKA to the Federal Distributor or the Federal Police "for further processing" Had, the Ministry of the Interior had previously explained on request of the Left Faction parliamentarians Thomas North. Of these, the state security authorities had the corresponding passenger in 3593.

These allegedly raised suspicions are often false: 2018 and 2019 almost all alleged goals ultimately turned out to be mistaken after the officials had handically reviewed the results.

Only three entry refusals

The entry refused the Order Huter 2020 only in three cases. 2352 times it was about residence detections. Against 460 people was a request for the arrest. Approximately as many locations (457) were in the police systems for police observation for "Hidden controls" outlaw. The searching authority is secretly informed about the travel route and potential companions. Around ten percent (321) of the technical hits led to targeted open controls and, where appropriate, searches.

In 2020, 348 requests from passenger data centers of other EU Member States to the German counterpart of other EU Member States were addressed to the BKA, the BMI was still part of a request from the deputies Ingrid Remmers. In the same period, the local central office has set a total of 277 inquiries to the EU network. In the previous year, it had also given 1720 domestic researchers.

"EU inventory data retention" – A case for the ECJ

To the PNR is a variety of sensitive information, which from the date of birth over the names of the accompanying persons, e-mail addresses, possible frequent flyer numbers and the means of payment used for the purchase of the flight ranges to a non-defined free text box. In this country, there are various complaints against the grid investigation carried out, with which the European Court of Justice is now employed.

With the answers Hunko sees the criticism of the left at the "EU inventory data storage of the passenger data" Permitted: Gradually, more airlines have been connected to the system. That explained the increase in passengers who came into the grid – "Although the flights in the Corona year were drastically shut down".

That less than "Passport after comparison with police search holding" remained, according to the deputy, "that the BKA has finally learned the program properly". Also conceivable is that "the airlines and travel buro the spelling of the name". The decisive factor is the number of those who are then reviewed by police – "And despite broken civil aviation in 2020, it is clarified". He therefore ames, "that this is a variety of incorrect hits".

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