California in a cat box

It started with a plan A: If you’re ever in America, it’s best to hang on for two days and ride an American cruiser, preferably this new Indian with the ingenious Thunderstroke engine. Such machines are best understood in the areas where they were invented by people in the first place, which never happens in Europe with an Indian Chieftain. But plan A is at least in my life never the one that is executed.

Because as we were waiting in the parking lot of the Eaglerider branch until the colleague was checked out, a Mustang turned into the parking lot. "That’s sure to drive scheibe," the 911 driver present said immediately, and thus Plan B was a done deal: instead of the American cruiser Indian Chieftain, drive the American cruiser Ford Mustang. Because I think that with a 911 Turbo you are setting a completely wrong frame of reference. The 911 Turbo costs an unmistakable six-figure sum new. Its customers like to reward themselves with it after long years of hard but profitable work and are then happy about how well the car works. The 911 is much too arte with it. The Mustang is RTL – something for the width.

In the USA, a new Mustang with a V8 traditionally starts at around $30,000.000 dollars; the V6 in the 2015 model starts at 23 600.600 dollars. In Germany, the new turbo four-cylinder will cost around 34,000 euros from summer 2015.000 euros, and the V8 variant will cost around 39.000. So the direct comparison is not so much the 911 as, say: a BMW 2 Series Coupe or a schon 3 Series.

Cultural divide

The difference between the European culture and the American culture is very clear at this point. BMW invests the money starting from the entry version to the coarse part in a good chassis. Every pony car, not only from Ford, invests these resources in performance and looks. Surely the 3 series drives better. But which is cooler: the car that Munich insurance employees use to commute or the car that underlines the coolness of a protagonist in every Hollywood movie?? Goldfinger. Bullit. Both "Gone in Sixty Seconds.". Almost all car fan films. And "I Am Legend" proves Ford’s return to clever design was right with a 2007 Shelby Mustang 500 GT. Mustang III and IV just looked too Toyota.

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