Brabus places according to: mercedes c 63 amg with 530 hp

Brabus places according to: mercedes c 63 amg with 530 hp

Bottrop, 5. September 2008 – that should understand what’s going on, which goes in the kopper of the tuner. Since Mercedes with the C 63 AMG sets a 457-horsepower bullet on her legs and what the gentlemen of Brabus do? The packing again 73 hp.

73 hp More for 8.420 euros

The power kit B63 S developed specifically for the C 63 AMG consists of stow-prere-lower high-performance metal catalysts, sports air filters and a newly programmed engine electronics with special maps for rounding and injection. In addition to the power syringe to 530 hp, the 6.2 liter coarse V8 gets a torque increase from 600 to 650 Newton meters. The price for the increase in performance amounts 8.420 euros.

Four tenths faster than the series

To convert the AMG sedan, the Brabus Vmax-Unit, which is relevant in two variants for 300 or 315 km / h. The power enhancement also benefits the sprint enhanced. The Sprint at Tempo 100 is tapping from 4.5 to 4.1 seconds, until 200 km / h pass 13.1 instead of original 14.5 seconds.

Adjustable coilover

The increased highest speed requires modifications to tires, chassis and brake system. In addition to high-performance tires of the rough 235/35 ZR 19 front and 265/30 ZR 19 rear, a high-performance brake system is used. At the front axle are internally aired, 380 millimeters rough brake discs and twin piston aluminum sticks and rear 360 mm coarse slices and hexagonal aluminum solid saddle installed. The high-adjustable coilover industry, each with tenfold in tensile and prere level gas printing steamers should be athletic comfortably matched and yet offer an agile handling with a propacious safety reserves.

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