The immigration

The immigration

New York (USA), 4. April 2013 – on the New York Auto Show (still up to 7. April 2013) Chevrolet introduces a particularly fleet version of the Camaro. The Americans have brought a name from the box: Z / 28. A short that was already used in 1967, then for a racing series.

Corvette engine

For the new model year, there are only smaller changes on the Camaro. At the front, the opening in the lower barbecue is gross, which, on the other hand, narrow. The Z / 28 preserves a rough spoiler lip and wider fuss flight. On the stern somewhat a discreet spoiler, a diffuser sits between the four tailpipes of the exhaust system.

Heartstuck of the Missed Camaro is the seven liter suction motor with eight cylinders known from the Corvette Z06. There he makes 512 hp, in the Z / 28 it is 507. The maximum torque amounts to 637 Nm, the force will transfer over a manual six-speed gearbox to the rear roller. A blocking differential and a traction management system should help to create best values on the racetrack. The first Z / 28 from the year made 1967 in 1967 294 hp – also from a V8.

On diet

Lightweight construction should have a high priority in development. Wherever possible, more lighter components are used as in the normal Camaro. For example, the 19-inch rims save a total of 19 kilograms of the 20-Zollern of Camaro. Air conditioning is only available for a surcharge. In addition, it was saved on the dam, a dunner rear window and a smaller battery mounted. The diet should have saved 45 kilograms of the Camaro SS, compared to the charged ZL1, the Z / 28 brings 136 kilograms less on the scales.

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