Process automation: camunda bpm 7.13 documented now in openapi

Process automation: Camunda BPM 7.13 Documented now in Openapi

The Berlin Open Source BPM expert Camunda wants to make its eponymous process automation and management platform for developers more attractive. This is what the released release 7 looks.13, the REST APIs are now documented using the OpenAPI standard. This should make it easier for developers to integrate Camunda with residual API clients that are realized in the programming language of their choice, for example JavaScript / Node.JS, Python or C #.

In addition, the Berlin developers with the release are for the first time "lightweight" Distribution of the (Process) Orcheant Engine available. the "Camunda BPM Run"-Distribution is provided in containerized environments such as docker and Kubernetes and can call on the rest API. Dedicated Java or Application server skills are therefore no longer required.

For the further innovations of the 7.13-releases pays the support of the standard notation DMN 1.3 (Decision Model and Notation) with Feel 1.2 (Friendly Enough Expression Language), with the help of which more complex decision-making expression should be implemented.

Further information can be found in the envision. Camunda BPM is sold as a free Open Source Community Edition as well as a commercial enterprise edition.

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