Mtm cantronic ensures more ps and electronic lowering

Mtm cantronic ensures more ps and electronic lowering

Baystents, 4. January 2008 – Chiptuning normally is called: original engine control apparatus, reprogramming and reinstating. Motor Technik-Mayer goes a different way at the M-Cantronic: an additional device is installed, which can be removed easily and backlessly again. With the M-CANTRONIC, the engine specialists of competitors tickle more power and torque from the diesel engines of the VW Group.

Speed-dependent control

Instead of raising the sprite prere on the entire speed range and to damage the engine, if necessary, take into account MTM the speed. The cantronic attacks the speed signal from the CAN bus. Depending on the speed, fuel and boost prere are optimized. The function of a particulate filter is not affected, so MTM. The M-CANTRONIC is offered including TUV partial reporting and examination on electromagnetic contractuality.

Audi A5 and VW Tiguan

The M-Cantronic is installed, among other things, in Audi A5 3.0 TDI. This increases the power of 240 to 292 hp, the maximum torque is raised from 500 to 580 Newton meters. The conversion costs 1450 euros. Who wants, can complete the tuning through a four-pipe exhaust system. Due to the lower exhaust back prere, a further increase in performance is achieved to 300 hp. In the normally 140 hp VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI is obtained with the M-Cantronic 180 hp; The torque rises from 320 to 360 Newton meters. The price for the reusing is 999 euros. For still a little more power, a new exhaust system with two double end tubes ensures. Still in preparation is a mandated turbocharger and a specially tailored exhaust system. Thus, in conjunction with the cantronic even 210 hp possible.

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