Cdu discusses car toll as an instrument for household renovation

Politicians of the CDU / CSU Group in the Bundestag penetrate according to a newspaper report to take advantage of a car tooth on German straws for the purpose of budgetary refurbishment. "Whether you call you a car toll, electronic car vignette or strain use creation, is such a thing: I can definitely imagine something very well", explained the supreme budgetary politician of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Norbert Barle, who Rheinische Post.

"The motorists are rightly argued that they are asked almost everywhere in European foreign countries, while the threads in Germany are free of charge for all", Quotes the daily newspaper Barthle appearing in Dusseldorf. Vignette or toll were able to become part of the consolidation package for the budget, the Union and FDP currently prepared under high prere.

In the development of the Union faction, the budgetary politicians were drawn with this proposal open trees, it is called in the report. In early debates, a car vignette for the price of 100 euros per year had been in conversation, which has spooled about 3 billion euros in the cash registers. Also in the CSU-wanted traffic ministry there are sympathies for a car toll.

According to DPA, Federal Minister of Traffic Peter Ramsauer (CSU) has not excluded a car toll last: on the Okumenical Kirchentag, he has on 15. May on a discussion about the original transport policy on a corresponding audience ie replicated: The motorists were already highly taxed with the automotive and mineral oil tax anyway. For better environmental protection in traffic, he first wanted to use these funds better before other sources came into question. But the truck toll has preserved and will surely prevail throughout Europe. Only in mid-April a spokeswoman Ramsauers had yet explained: "The car toll is not in the coalition agreement and therefore not on the agenda".

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