Audi a5 cabriolet: first driving impressions

Audi a5 cabriolet: first driving impressions

Monte Carlo, 2. March 2009 – For Audi’s chief designer Walter de Silva, the 2007 Audi coupe with the newly introduced name A5 was simply the most beautiful of all his designs. Now the two-seater is getting ready to conquer the hearts of auto-asthetes, also in an open version. We already had the opportunity to test drive the newcomer in Monaco, which is up to 15 degrees Celsius.

15 seconds to the place in the sun

It only takes 15 seconds for the chic car with a coupe swing in the roof line to become a convertible. It can also be opened from a few meters away from the car with the optional convenience key. We can also put on or take off our hats during the journey up to about 50 km / h. That takes away the fear of rain showers in moving traffic where "pull over to the right for a moment" is impossible. At the same time, lowering the top while driving is a spectacle for passers-by.

Classic fabric hood

Audi uses a classic fabric hood to cover the A5. A retractable steel roof is still taboo for the people of Ingolstadt. The three-layer roof creates a cozy feeling in the interior. Whoever exposes 295 euros, gets a so-called acoustic cover that was mounted on our test car: the car is closed during the ride inside as soft as a coupe. This variant also has a led inside sealing in the rear area. However, the light was allowed to be only small reader units: the two seats in the narrow fund are suitable for adults only in an emergency and only for short routes.

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