Aldi in the tank: already possible in austria

Aldi in the tank: already possible in austria

Salzburg (Austria), 3. July 2009 – Drivers in Germany already look enviously at neighboring Austria, at least when it comes to fuel costs. And now Austrians can save even more: Since the beginning of July 2009, the Aldi subsidiary there, Hofer, has also been selling gasoline.

No staff, no frills

When it comes to refueling, the two companies are also relying on the classic discounter concept: as few staff as possible. This is how customers fill up at vending machines: Insert your credit or debit card, enter your pin code and fill up. In the first three weeks after the fuel terminals go into operation, hostesses help with their operation – after that, no more. And it’s not just personnel who are being saved, there will also be no so-called by-products such as Motorol and antifreeze at the Alditanker.

Prices down

Hofer tests the discount fuel concept for the first time in three Salzburg stores (Airportcenter, Schallmoos and Obertrum). However, they are convinced of the success and refer to France, where there have been gas stations connected to supermarkets for 25 years. Earlier this week, it was reported that in response to the three new Hofer gas stations in the Salzburg region, prices at some gas stations have been massively reduced. For a short time, the price comparison of the Austrian transport club oAMTC showed liter prices of 51 cents. Even on today’s Friday, some can be bought for just over 70 cents, but not at Hofer, where prices start at around 85 cents.

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